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Our goal at Site Strategics is to improve the leads coming into your website. It doesn’t matter if you have an Ecommerce website or are in the manufacturing industry, our team of experts will develop a strategic internet marketing plan you help you grow your business.


Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

We were hired by Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing to develop brand new websites (including one with a 14 hour deadline) for their racing team in 2012. We wanted to focus on developing a website not only around the Sarah Fisher Hartman brand, but around IndyCar and the race tracks and races themselves. So we developed a strategy to create mini-websites within SFHRacing.com for each race track. So every race track has subpages of content that focus on Hotels near the race track or restaurants to eat at before the race. Watch the video below to hear what the Director of Marketing, Drew Coomes, had to say about working with Site Strategics!



HTS Therapy

One of our many successes is with HTS Therapy. HTS Therapy has been a client of ours for three years and in a recent website launch, we have increased their conversions by 530% and cut their hiring costs by $13,000! Hear what they had to say on a recent episode of our radio show. Click play on the video below to hear from HTS Therapy’s Marketing Director Amanda Green:


This picture below shows that our strategic plan increased their website conversions by 530% in the last quarter of 2012.


In an older version of HTS Therapy, we used this heat map to help us determine where users were clicking on their website. One of the goals of the website is to get more job applications.


So to get more job applications, we created graphics on the homepage that directed the visitors to the necessary pages for jobs in Kentucky and Indiana. You can see that heat map below:



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