Boosting online dumpster rentals in Chicago

Groot Waste Management

The 100-year-old family-owned Chicago area business wanted to rent dumpsters via their website. They needed a strategic mix of SEO, content, PPC and social media. Two years later they’re garnering over 1,200 conversions monthly.

Site Structure

We addressed over 10,000 errors affecting title tags, headings, and duplicate content to increase organic traffic.

PPC Overhaul

We reworked their paid ad campaign with strategically targeted keywords, relevant ads, and engaging landing pages.

User Engagement

Utilizing researched key terms, we added content to provide the information prospects were seeking, and increase the liklihood of conversion.

The Challenge

The existing website was plagued with duplicate titles, structure issues, and more than 10k errors – all of which derailed SEO efforts.

We needed to clean up the errors  as well as develop a web site that converted better. 

Their paid ads were failing to generate leads in relation to the cost because they were too broadly focused.

The campaign lacked a strategic selection of keywords, ads relevant to keywords, and  landing pages that invited conversion.

There were already several players involved in the decision making process, and moving forward with a new strategic plan would be complicated.


The client had an existing presence online and understood the value of digital marketing.  Because they wanted to improve their digital footprint, there was a willingness to invest in a long term plan.


With so many on-site issues, finding the right direction to start was complex. They needed a plan which required a great deal of thought, strategy, and implementation – all coordinated between several parties.


We knew that some of our strategies would provide some great wins out of the gate. This gave us some breathing room to continue our work while watching incremental progress that accompanied the following efforts.


With an enterprise-level client, there are many internal and external teams that need to work together. Finding a procedure that works for everyone is crucial to overall success. Without cooperation, there’s no implementation. 

Our Solution

  • Fix Site SEO Structuring

    By filling in page titles and meta descriptions, optimizing header tags, and restructuring many of the old URLs to garner more SEO value, we were able to tactically improve some key SEO components and generate quicks wins that would prove fruitful down the road as well.

  • Targeted Adwords Campaign

    With the highly competitive nature of their industry, we wanted to put Groot in a good space to take market share from their competitors within Adwords. Using a specifically defined campaign, and  focusing on certain geographic areas, hours of the day, and keywords, we were able to greatly improve their market share very quickly. 

  • Strategic Content Planning

    We wanted to create strategic, user-friendly content that would not only drive organic traffic, but also provide value to the many people that visit daily. We have developed many pages of content to create an educational and utilitarian environment for any potential residential or commercial customers.

The Results

Increased Organic Traffic

Increased Organic Traffic

Initially, organic traffic increased 25% compared to the previous 6 months! They went from ranking in search engines for 343 keywords to over 2,700 keywords!

Increased Lead generation from PPC

Increased Lead generation from PPC

PPC Conversions went from 58 monthly to current 635. Prior to Site strategics taking over, the cost per lead in PPC was $40.09 and as of November 2015 it's now $21.29!

Increased Dumpster Leads

Increased Dumpster Leads

Prior to Site Strategics, it took 10 months to rent 1,000 dumpsters online, after us they rented the same number of dumpsters in 6 months!

Observations from our Awesome Team

Erin Sparks

Erin Sparks

“We have had a successful project, integrating our work with the third party developer in Chicago. Very proud of our continued relationship with Groot”

Owner, Senior SEO Consultant


Matt Roberts

This engagement presented us unique challenges from the start. It was however through these challenges that we were forced to think outside the box and come up with truly innovative ideas to help the client succeed.

Operations Manager


Tom Brodbeck

A great PPC campaign and some technical SEO lead to some great results for Groot.

SEO Consultant, Developer


Nate Torvik

Being able to strategically implement a few key concepts throughout the site while zeroing in on the perfect PPC audience not only delivered great results, but it really instilled some confidence in the Site Strategics team throughout the campaign!

SEO Consultant

Stats We Loved to See

SEO Errors Removed
PPC Conversion Improvement
Keywords gained in ranking
Social Media Traffic Growth

What our Client said About Our Performance

Jon Groot

Site Strategics greatly increased our organic traffic and sales in a very short period of time. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

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