Truck Country & Stoops Freightliner
The merge of two well-known and respected trucking companies required the merge of their websites. We’d been managing the marketing for one company, and we understood the need to curate the existing SEO authority of both sites. We also recognized a great opportunity to update the look and the technology of the new site to create an improved user experience.

Website Re-design(s)

Four websites were successfully launched between 2012 and the first quarter of 2016

PPC Management

Conversion rates increased dramatically, while average cost per acquisition decreased just as dramatically.

Social Media

The new Stoops Freightliner social media campaign received positive national recognition.

The Challenge

Merging multiple websites always presents challenges. You don’t want to lose the “search capital” acquired by an old site, but it will be completely lost if the old domain isn’t redirected correctly. There are many steps involved – and often web marketers are unaware of them, unintentionally costing their clients a tremendous amount of previously-earned SEO value.

Another challenge involved making the website user-friendly for a large and complex truck inventory.


Both websites had good brand recognition and significant domain authority – this was a great benefit and provided a significant “foot up” for the newly merged website.


Both old websites suffered from dated technology – this was apparent in the design, which didn’t look fresh or modern, and its lack of responsiveness to the mobile user.


While there is a lot of competition in this industry, other companies were not managing their web marketing well – so there was great opportunity to jump quickly into the lead.


Clashing needs between the sales team and the website users presented a problem. If a custom search couldn’t accommodate both, it would not be accepted.

Our Solution

  • Design New Website for Truck County

    The plan was for to be redirected to the Truck Country website. To accommodate the merge as well as update the Truck Country site, we developed a fresh, fully-responsive website that was as easy to navigate and looked as appealing on a mobile phone or tablet as it did on a desktop or laptop screen.


  • Develop Custom Inventory Search

    To make the truck inventory pages accessible and enhance the ease of user experience, we created a custom search tool from scratch. We also made sure the inventory pages were designed using best SEO practices – not simply out-of-the-box inventory tools.

  • Improve SEO With Strategy

    To plan for long-term organic success, we planned a site and mapped it strategically to cultivate continued SEO success, then filled it with useful, SEO-enhancing content.

The Results

Website Re-design(s)

Website Re-design(s)

Launched recent (2016) website for 21 location parent company, Truck Country, implementing keyword research and strategically written content

PPC Managment

PPC Managment

Increased conversion rate from 0.13% to 6.91%. Cost per conversion went from $770.01 to $29.15. Increased click through rate from 0.41% to 2.53%

Social Media

Social Media

Leading industry magazine recognized Truck Country’s social media campaign in 2014 as one of the top 3 in the nation for social media activity & engagement

Observations from our Awesome Team


Jason Fletcher

“Truck Country was a pleasure to work with. With the constant learning that comes with a build of this scope, it was great to be able to approach the project as a team, instead of as client and vendor. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship on future projects!”

Resource Manager


Jakim Bialek

“It’s been a privilege working with two prominent and storied names in the trucking industry since 2011. We’ve had the opportunity to manage several different digital branding and marketing projects over the years and have become the go-to web design and search engine marketing firm for the largest Freightliner dealership in the country. I’m excited for our future projects planned for this year and beyond.”

Business Development Manager


Tom Brodbeck

“I love seeing an SEO strategy come together and this strategy produced great results for Truck Country”

SEO Consultant, Developer


Nate Torvik

“When you can generate more leads than your client can handle that seems like a good thing”

Marketing Director

Stats We Loved to See

Conversion Rate
Bounce Rate
Visitor Increase
Lead Growth

What our Client said about Our Performance

Dale Spence

"Since joining Site Strategics, our web traffic has grown at a very high rate. The key differences between the Site Strategics approach and the national agency we previously used, is that they did not use templates for our PPC campaigns and were extremely thorough in their due diligence. They took into account our products, mission, market, responsibilities, and rather than try to fit a round peg into a square hole, they built our account from the ground up, customized to reach our target audience."

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