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9 Tips to Jump Start Your Link Building Campaign

By Erin Sparks
September 11, 2013

Whether you have been doing it for years or just starting, link building can be a boring task and sometimes you need some new ideas to jolt your campaign. I have fun seeing and hearing all of the different techniques people use to build links for their clients. I have compiled a short list of a few of my favorites here.

Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is a never-ending way to get new links to your website. There are numerous other blogs written by other people (Here are two: Noob to Novice, Broken Link Building Bible). The downside to this technique is that it takes a lot of time to do with little success. But there are some great links to be had. For example, I got a link on this PR 4/DA 58 webpage for one of my clients with a simple email request pointing out the bad links.

Donations and Sponsorships

There are a bunch of non-profits out there that will gladly give you a link for a donation to their research or cause.

Here are a few Google searches you could do to help you get started:

  • “donate” + “add your link”
  • “donate” + “links below”
  • “contributors list” + “make a donation”
  • allintitle: “contributors”
  • allintitle: “sponsors”

If you could get some links from local charities, that would be a good idea to pursue too.

You could also get some great links by sponsoring local events or sports teams. If the league has a website, this is a great way to boost your local links.

Try sponsoring a club at a local college. SEER Interactive had a post recently about reaching out to college students to get links for their clubs.

Buying Expired Domains

This is a great and easy way to build some authority quickly. Checkout the websites listed GoDaddy Auctions and see what websites are up for auction that already have some links directed. Put the domain in Open Site Explorer and if it has a some links, buy the domain and redirect to your current website.

Give Testimonials

Every business wants testimonials and struggles to get them from customers. If you are using a product or business on a regular basis, ask if you can give them a testimonial for their website. Businesses love to show off their work and their customers. And to show that you are a real person, they will put a link to your website and you won’t even have to ask for it. Plus, testimonials tend to get put on homepages!

Help a Reporter Out

This is a technique that I have just started to utilize. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a FREE source you can use to get in touch with bloggers and reporters from all over the country. Three times a day you get emailed a list of questions from bloggers and reporters covering tons of different topics. Just share with the reporter your thoughts and expertise and get a link in return!

I even go as far to reach out to the reporter on social media and let them know that I have answered their question on HARO. Even if the reporter doesn’t use your answer in their article, you still have made a connection on social media for future articles.

Professor Pages on .EDU websites

We all know that .EDU links are the holy grail of link building, but contacting the webmaster of a .EDU website for broken links isn’t that effective, in my experience. Try reaching out to the professors instead! Some colleges let professors have their own page and generally they have a favorite links section. You can get some great links this way too! Try Google searches link site:.edu + “favorite links” + “your niche” to start with.

Find Guest Posting Opportunities on Twitter

I think that is a very under utilized tool, as most people rely on Google searches and software to find the opportunities. But here are a few searches you can do in Twitter to find some opportunities:

  • “your niche” + guest post
  • “your niche” + guest author
  • “your niche” + write for us
  • “your niche” + guest article

If they are tweeting their latest guest post, then they are actively taking guest posts. No more running into older websites that no longer accept guest posts!

Viagra Link Building

The best way to get a link is to provide value to the webmaster, and what better way to provide value than to help a webmaster fix a Viagra spam hack on their website? If you have the technological knowledge, then this is a great technique for you. Here is a great blog post that will explain it better than I.

Appearing on Podcasts

We host a weekly podcast called Edge of the Web Radio and we love having guests on our show, plus when appearing we give them a link! I know that there are tons of podcasts out there that would love to have guests appear on their show as well and will provide a link too!

There are a ton of different link building techniques out their for people to use, and I always love hearing about other peoples strategies as well. What are some of your favorite techniques?

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