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Recap: Best Social Media Posts of Super Bowl XLVII

By Erin Sparks
February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday is always a great day for the NFL but it was also a great day for social media marketing. Businesses aren’t just hitting the Super Bowl commercial advertising, they were focusing just as much on social media (mostly Twitter) this year too.

According to Twitter, there were 24.1 million tweets on Sunday night about the Super Bowl. An average of 231,500 tweets per minute. There were also 5.5 million tweets about Beyonce’s halftime show with an average of 268,000 tweets per minute at the end of her show.

The highlight of the night though was the power outage at the Super Bowl. While the cause of the Super Bowl blackout may have been Beyonce, my favorite part was to see companies jump at the opportunity to capture an audience and direct them towards their brand. Several companies did this, a few of my favorites are below.

Best Tweets About the Super Bowl Blackout

Buffalo Wild Wings

One of my favorite Super Bowl tweets was by Buffalo Wild Wings. They are known for their commercials that show their insiders sabotaging sporting events so fans can spend more time at their restaurant. Shortly after the Super Bowl Blackout, they tweeted this:

Tweet by Buffalo Wild Wings

NBC’s Revolution

If you are a fan of the television show Revolution on NBC, then you will appreciate their tweet. In case you don’t know, Revolution is a show that takes place where all the electricity in the world stopped working one day and there are these pendants that become a power source for all electrical gadgets. So, quick on their feet (and to keep the show relevant while on hiatus) tweeted this meme:




Audi came across with this quick tweet after the Super Bowl blackout and also promoted their LED headlights:

audi lights out


Tide’s social media team was quick on their feet during the Super Bowl blackout and jumped on the opportunity to tweet out this graphic:

tide lights out


The best tweet of the night though went to Oreo. Their social media team was quick with a response too and tweeted the best of the night:

oreo lights out

They have also tweeted another good one since.

Best Super Bowl Commercials

As well as tweeting about the game, halftime, and the Super Bowl black out, there was a lot of social media buzz with the Super Bowl Commercials. After every commercial, there seemed to be immediate reviews of them on my Twitter feed. But there were three that stuck out to me on my social media networks.

Dodge – God Made a Farmer

Dodge struck gold with the heart of America and those in the corn belt with their two-minute commercial God Made a Farmer. The commercial featured the voice of Paul Harvey with a slideshow of images of farmers across the country. This commercial was also a remake of a commercial done by Farms.com a few years back.


Oreo – Whisper Fight

Oreo had a good night and made me have a good laugh with their commercial Whisper Fight. This commercial also helped to increase their Instagram followers by 20,000 too:

Budweiser – The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”

I think my favorite of the night was this commercial from Budweiser. I always enjoy their Clydesdale commercials and they showed a softer side this time with “Brotherhood“:

What was your favorite social media tweet of the night? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to add to this list!


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