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Erin Sparks Speaks at Revenue North Business Summit

By Erin Sparks
April 4, 2013

“What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You” an informative discussion on the principals of Search Engine Optimization was presented by Erin Sparks at the Revenue North Business Summit on March 21, at the Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel.   Sparks, the owner of Site Strategics, an Indianapolis based web design and search engine optimization firm, presented many of the principals that define successful internet marketing strategies.

“What not to do in SEO is just as important as what TO do”, Sparks said as he outlined five areas that either contribute to the success or eminent failure of web sites.

Social Media

In outlining the best practices of social media engagement, Sparks emphasized the correlation between Facebook and Twitter activity and high rankings in Google.  There are a number of contributing factors that will lead to social media success including:

  • Linking from your homepage
  • Including your brand name in the link
  • Using brand names in social media posts
  • Creating content that is easy to share


Link building and how they contribute to web site authority was the next major success strategy.  Quality relevant links are vital in a well-executed link building campaign.  Links must be from good quality sites to provide a higher level of authority for a site.   Conversely low quality links must be removed or disavowed to ensure a link profile is of properly optimized.


“60% of shoppers with smartphones such for product on their mobile device before buying and 50% of mobile searchers made a mobile purchase in the last 6 months.” Sparks explained.   “Mobile marketing is huge and will only increase in the future.”   There are a number of areas which need to be considered in a mobile marketing campaign:

  • Responsible web design-  Can a site be easily viewed on a mobile device?
  • Site speed
  • Separate URLs for mobile
  • Mobile apps – while important should be implemented after a successful mobile site
  • Optimized mobile content

On Site Factors

On site factors are one of the most important components to consider when considering the success of a web site.  Here are some of the questions that must be asked when reviewing on site success metrics.

  • Can search engines craw pages on your site?
  • Are pages indexed?
  • Are URLs short and do they contain meaningful keywords to page topics?
  • Do keywords optimize for searchable terms related to your service?
  • Are pages well-written and contain substantial quality content?  Conversely does your site contain thin content, keyword stuffing, cloaking or duplicate content?  All of these factors will most certainly be frowned upon by Google and other search engines.


Content is king, you’ve heard it for quite some time now.  “Content marketing is about creating a community, the community doesn’t have to be huge it just needs to provide value.” Sparks stated.  Google hates anonymity and creating successful authorship and valuable content will lead to success in an internet marketing campaign.

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