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Inbound Marketing- What it Is and Why it’s Important

By Erin Sparks
July 12, 2014

Inbound internet marketing is the promotion of a business through various online platforms- including blogs, podcasts, video, email, social media platforms, and more. For over eight years, inbound marketing has been the chosen method for doing business on the internet- replacing “outbound” marketing strategies like cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, television advertisements and more. Inbound marketing is a strategy designed to turn strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

Inbound Internet Marketing Strategies

Strategies to enhance your inbound marketing revolve around four key principles- attract, convert, close and delight. Successful Inbound Marketing consists of attracting not just traffic, but specific traffic to your site. Those new visitors become leads and it is then important to close the deal by transforming those leads into customers while delighting your audience with relevant, unique content. Companies can utilize various inbound internet marketing solutions and techniques to accomplish this such as:

Content Creation

Unique content that is targeted at a specific audience is essential for successful Inbound Marketing. The most successful businesses have online content that is search engine optimized and designed to increase traffic and generate leads.

Marketing Automation Software

Using marketing automation software from a reputable company can help your business increase web traffic, generate new leads, and create new customers.


Over time, as you utilize more and more inbound marketing strategies, you will see trends and patterns that can help you personalize your E-newsletters, online content and web design to best suit your audience.


Inbound internet marketing involves businesses interacting with their target audience on a number of different channels. By publishing appropriate and unique content in the right place and at the right time, you can be helpful to your customers, instead of interruptive or repetitive.


Strong, successful inbound marketing involves a dual-focus on both content and analytics. By constantly generating new and relevant content based off of reliable data that helps you pinpoint your target audience is the key to generating new leads and increasing revenue.

Why Content is King

The nuts and bolts of inbound internet marketing involve the use of tools and applications that allow you to create audience specific content that will engage your visitors. Without informative content that relates to your audience, your inbound marketing strategies will fall flat. In the world of inbound marketing, content is king. Creating search engine optimized content that is filled with keywords that relate to your business will help the right people find and stay on your website. Strong content leads interested visitors toward a purchase or conversion.

Keep in mind the four E’s when generating content for your business: educate, engage, encourage and embrace. By focusing on constantly creating content that is informative and engaging, you will have a better chance of converting visitors into customers.

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