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Introduction To Google Webmasters Tools

By Erin Sparks
January 31, 2013

What are Google Webmasters Tools?

Google offers several free products to help webmasters users have a better online experience with their websites, and one of those tools is called Google Webmasters Tools.

Webmasters Tools is a very important tool that you must have for your website because it is your gateway to communicate with Google and Google to communicate with you.

We could go on forever in this post highlighting all of the different features of Google Webmasters Tools, but I am only going to focus on three sections here.


The Health section of Google Webmasters Tools is like going to the Google doctor’s office. Instead of letting you know your blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature, the Health section lets you know the basic health vitals of your website like crawl errors, crawl stats, index status and it even lets you know if there is a malware on your website (for when your website is really sick). The Health section also has a neat feature called Fetch as Google. This feature allows you to submit a url and then see how the Google robot sees the url and if there are any errors with indexing.


This section has three sub-sections called Search Queries, Links to Your Site, and Internal Links. The Search Queries section gives you an insight on to how you are doing in Google keyword rankings. I like to hit the “with change” tab and you can see how if you are rising or falling in the rankings.

In Links to Your Site, you can see every link that is backlinked to your website. It lets you know which pages on your website are the most linked to as well. I would recommend you head to this section and see who is linking to you and see if there are any links that you don’t want associated to you, especially after last year’s Google Penguin update.

The internal links sub-section is a neat feature to let you know which pages on your website you link to the most internally. This is helpful to see if you need more internal links to your most important pages or less links to your least important pages.


The Optimization section too has a number of different tools to help you better improve the optimization of your website. One of the main sub-sections is the Remove URLs section. If you have some links that you found that you don’t want associated to your website, you can submit them in this section to Google for them to consider removing them from your backlink profile.

How Do I Verify Google Webmasters Tools?

There are a lot of different tools in Google Webmasters Tools that I didn’t mention here but hopefully after reading this post, you realize that you need to have Google Webmasters Tools for your website. Check with your webmaster or internet marketing team to see if they are using these free tools from Google, if they aren’t, here is a quick video from Google on how to setup and verify Webmasters Tools for your website.

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