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SEO Flashback – Edge of the Web Radio Episode #11

By Erin Sparks
February 6, 2013

During the weekly Edge of the Web Radio broadcast, we cover a number of topics relating to search engine marketing.  One area we have covered extensively in the last year has been social media and the need to engage with our target audience.  On the July 7th show, we discussed specific ways to open a dialogue with our audience rather than maintaining a social feed.

Effective communication in any form can only be established when we pay attention to the needs of our audience.  As a small business owner we need to listen to existing and potential customers to understand what motivates their decisions to purchase products and services.  There are a number of ways to listen to our audience in order to obtain those decisions.

  • Leave Twitter tabs open throughout the day to maintain “live” social interaction
  • Respond to public mentions regarding your brand
  • Obtain user feedback via surveys and live chat widgets
  • Cater your content and design to the feedback you receive from consumers

What changes have occurred in social media since this broadcast?  If anything social media has become a more necessary and powerful tool that isn’t going away any time soon.  Businesses must not only pay attention to their message, but keep a careful eye on how their competitors are interacting.   While the use of social media is touted as free, there is large investment in the form of time.

  • Time to formulate your message
  • Time to monitor the competition
  • Time to engage with your customers 

Are you willing to invest the time or will you be left behind?

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