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SEO FLASHBACK: Edge of the Web Radio Episode #6

By Erin Sparks
December 19, 2012
We here at Site Strategics are having a look at our radio shows that we have done over the last 8 months, and having a look back at the issues we discussed.  We are opening up discussion on these topics and would invite you to comment about them.

Episode 6 Flashback – PPC Campaigns

In Episode six of Edge of the Web Radio, we discussed pay per click ads and the ability to obtain immediate traffic to your site through PPC campaigns.  How do you initiate a successful PPC campaign and how do they lead to successful conversions for your brand?

  • You must understand the different types of keyword matches before embarking on a PPC campaign.  Are you looking for a broad match a phrase match or an exact match to describe your product or service?  To reach your intended audience, a PPC campaign a maturation process to match search terms to your ads.  Through a trial and error process, you’re able to narrow your focus to the unique terms that drive traffic to your ads
  • In order to lead to a conversion, your ad must have a clear call to action.  What do you want consumers to do once they click on your ad?  It’s important to include a phone number, local reference or specific offer so that user has a clear indication of what will happen when they click through
  • Track your conversion rates to determine what ads drive traffic for your intended focus.  Consistent monitoring of your campaign will allow you to make changes when needed.

With constant changes in organic search due to Penguin and Panda updates, PPC campaigns are a way to expedite change in your internet marketing efforts.   Is PPC worth the expense?  How many leads would you need to justify the cost?