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SEO FLASHBACK: Edge of the Web Radio Episode #8

By Erin Sparks
December 19, 2012
We here at Site Strategics are having a look at our radio shows that we have done over the last 8 months, and having a look back at the issues we discussed.  We are opening up discussion on these topics and would invite you to comment about them.

Episode 8 Flashback – Google Penguin Recovery

In episode 8 of Edge of the Web Radio, we discussed techniques for repairing your website after the most recent Penguin update.  Google Penguin was an algorithm update which targeted sites which appeared to be engaged in web spam.  Black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing and link schemes specifically were pinpointed through the most recent update.

During the May 12, show broadcast, we highlighted a number of enhancements or fixes site owners can employ to negative traffic loss through the penguin update.

  • Utilize Google Webmaster tools to identify errors and potential issues with your site.  As a tool provided directly by Google, this is a valuable tool for site analysis.
  • Update your site map regularly
  • Remove anchor text links
  • Refresh homepage content on a regular basis
  • Remove reciprocal links
  • Optimize page titles and make sure they are not keyword stuffed
  • Prominently display social share buttons on pages throughout the site.
  • Examine site for crawl errors

An important lesson resulting from Google updates is this:  Constant evaluation and updating of sites, especially content will always be a key component of an SEO strategy.  In order to maximize the value of your site, you must constant provide fresh content with an eye on current trends in internet search.  What worked yesterday may not work today and what works today probably won’t work tomorrow.

We recently discussed how often it’s important to engage in search engine optimization.  How often have you made changes to your site structure throughout the year?   How often do you evaluate the performance of your site and change content accordingly?