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SEO Flashback – Edge of the Web Radio Episode #9

By Erin Sparks
January 15, 2013

The June 9 episode of Edge of the Web Radio featured a discussion on local search optimization.

In order to optimize positioning within local search results, there are a number areas in which a local business concentrate to ensure they are found by potential customers.

  • Ensure physical address is in the city (or close proximity to the city being searched)
  • Verify ownership of Google + local page
  • Properly categorize your business
  • Solicit reviews on directory listings, especially Google + and Yelp
  • Ensure address of web site matches that of Google + local page exactly
  • Place business address at the foot of your web pages
  • Phone number including area code of web site must match that of web site
  • Site structure that follows your categorization of services needs to have local slugs in the URL and inside the page itself.
  • Product, services and geographical references in anchor text of inbound links
  • Links from local businesses, local groups and other organizations

Local search has undoubtedly become a major factor for businesses seeking to optimize their online marketing presence. 

  • 61% of smartphone users conduct local searches from their device
  • 49% of tablet and mobile users search for local businesses through the use of apps
  • Mentioning a location in an ad or search result can increase click through by up to 200%

How has your local strategy changed in the last year?  As you develop your on-line marketing plan for the new year how do you plan to incorporate local search?