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SEO FLASHBACK : Edge of the Web Radio Episode #2

By Erin Sparks
October 23, 2012
We here at Site Strategics are having a look at our radio shows that we have done over the last 8 months, and having a look back at the issues we discussed.  We are opening up discussion on these topics and would invite you to comment about them.

Social Bookmarking

Episode 2 of Edge of the Web Radio discussed the use of social bookmarking to drive traffic to your website.  Is social bookmarking an effective tool post Penguin and Panda?

Good content will always be viewed favorably by Google no matter how many cute animals the search engine giant throws our way.  Social bookmarking with quality sites utilizing unique and interesting content is still an effective tool for driving search traffic.   While good content is necessary to optimize search engine results, developing good content is not SEO.   Quality content will always be a good thing, however without positioning that content effectively to be viewed by a captive audience, it’s worthless.

Social bookmarking is hard work and often tedious, sometimes it’s on a matter of timing.   Many would argue though, that utilizing social media outlets is one of the best  remaining options after Google’s release of Penguin and Panda.  A good keyword strategy, solid anchor text and a diverse use of social sites is an effective white hat SEO tactic.

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