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SEO FLASHBACK: Edge of the Web Radio Episode #3

By Erin Sparks
October 25, 2012
We here at Site Strategics are having a look at our radio shows that we have done over the last 8 months, and having a look back at the issues we discussed.  We are opening up discussion on these topics and would invite you to comment about them.

Building a Social Media Following

In episode 3 of Edge of the Web Radio, we discussed how to build a social media following. What are some necessary things to remember to properly utilize social media?

Social media creates a continued connection with your target audience. It allows you to control your marketing efforts and deliver on ongoing dialogue with your audience. In order to keep your message in the forefront of your audience’s mind it requires discipline. Keeping a calendar of scheduled content is vital to not have long blocks of time in which you are not engaging with your customers. It’s not their job to remember you’re in business, so keeping your foot on the pedal and continuing to deliver interesting and engaging content is the key.

Social media referrals tend to get more repeat visitors to your website. Once you’ve engaged users on a personal level, they form a deeper connection with your brand and are more likely to return to your site or better yet, becoming a paying customer.

Content is the beginning middle and end of any successful SEO campaign. Social media will drive users to your message with a consistent and focused effort.

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