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SEO FLASHBACK: Edge of the Web Radio Episode #5

By Erin Sparks
October 25, 2012
We here at Site Strategics are having a look at our radio shows that we have done over the last 8 months, and having a look back at the issues we discussed.  We are opening up discussion on these topics and would invite you to comment about them.

Episode 5 Flashback – PPC Campaigns

In Episode 5, we discussed PPC campaigns and how they can make an immediate impact on search engine results.  How can you effectively use Adwords to target people who could potentially utilize your brand and how does an Adword campaign work?

  • Establishing a budget-   Though and adwords campaign you are able to set up a daily ceiling for expenditures for your advertising efforts.  Your ads will cycle throughout the day until you reach your total allotted budget.
  • Segmenting your ads- Through your campaign you can pinpoint a specific geographic region of concentration as well as the method by which a match will trigger your ads appearance on search engine results.   All of these are very measurable results enabling you to know what keywords are working well in your campaign.
  • Send traffic directly to your landing page- Once you have determined what keyword strategy you choose to employ, you may then forward users to a specific page which contains a call to action of your choosing.

PPC campaigns are quick and measurable.  In what ways have you used PPC to supplement a traditional organic search campaign?

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