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Social Media Tips: Add Photos to Posts

By Erin Sparks
May 16, 2013

Are you looking for some new ideas to help your social media account stand out? Adding photos to your social media pages is a great way to boost engagement!

I just came across the infographic below that talked about the importance of photos for your social media campaign. With the enormous growth of Pinterest recently and the redesign of Facebook’s News Feed to highlight photos and photo galleries, adding photos to your social media accounts is definitely something that businesses need to take advantage of.

Photos have always been a popular medium (think about all of those embarrassing photos your parents have saved in photos albums), but it can be a great way to connect with an audience and show a different side of your company.

For example, during a recent episode of Edge of the Web Radio, Douglas Karr from Marketing Tech Blog told us about a coffee shop in his office building. They take a picture of every new customer that stops in and posts their photos to their Facebook page.

What do you think those people are going to go do the next day? They are going to go to that Facebook page and see their photo and like the page! And now you are generating new fans on a daily basis and building customer loyalty along the way!

Another great way to incorporate photos to your social media is to get your followers to send you their photos. One of our clients, Indy Trading Post, an Indianapolis shooting range and gun store, has a neat idea for their website where you can submit your own target after visiting their shooting range. You can upload your shooting target through their social media channels. What a great way to get user generated content and get social shares for your website!

Hopefully I have started your creative juices flowing and you have some ideas to get more photos to your social media channels. If you aren’t quite convinced, check out the infographic below for some great statistics showing the growing popularity of our photocentric social media world.

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