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The Only Link Building Tip You Need To Know

By Erin Sparks
April 4, 2013

I have been building links for a while now.

I have built links for big and small companies, the boring industries and the interesting.

It can be (and it is!) an extremely tedious and boring job to do.

But I still hear stories from our clients and stories from other SEO’s talking about their clients, that use or have used shady link building tactics.

Every time that I hear these stories, all I can do is just shake my head because it is those people who don’t get it. I still believe that getting links for your website is one of the best things you can do to help improve your website’s rankings but going about it in a quick-fix fashion is never the way to go.

There are a lot of great link building tips and tactics blogs out there filled with great ideas to get links. In fact, Point Blank SEO has one of the most robust list of link building ideas that I have seen. But even some of those ideas could get you in trouble if executed incorrectly.

The One Link Building Tip You Need To Know

Once I come across a page or website that I would like to get a link from, there is one question that you should ask yourself before doing anything else.

It may seem weird because it goes against everything you have been doing since starting your link building but it really is the number one link building tip you need to know.


“If Google didn’t exist, would I want my link here?”



That is it. Plain and simple. Weird, right? Build links like Google didn’t exist. If you are building links just to get links, then you are doing more harm than good. Whatever linking strategy you may have right now, it may be working great now, but it only takes one Google Algorithm update to kill that strategy.

In a webinar I attended by Page One Power a while back, they had a similar, but cooler, saying called the “FTBOM” (pronounced “Foot-bomb”) which stands for: “For The Betterment Of Mankind.” If mankind isn’t improved by having your link on that website, then don’t even try to get a link. It isn’t worth it and will hurt you in the long run.


The name of the game in link building is relevancy. It is more beneficial for you to have fewer links on more relevant and authoritative websites than thousands of links on garbage websites. It will benefit you know, and it will definitely benefit you in the long run if you focus on relevancy.

Here are a few more helpful link building tips:

If you are building links on pages and websites just to get links and they are not relevant to your website…STOP IT!!

If you are building links on pages and websites that you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving your credit card number to…STOP IT!

If you are building links on a page that also links to porn, pills, payday loans, or Rolex watches…STOP IT!

Those pages and websites aren’t authoritative or relevant and will only hurt you in the long run.

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