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Site Strategics Celebrates 10th Year – 100th Broadcast

By Erin Sparks
August 19, 2014

August 2014 marks two important milestones in digital marketing history: Site Strategics celebrated its 10th year and Edge of the Web radio broadcast its 100th show.

Mathematically significant? Yes. But even more noteworthy is the contribution to the world’s collective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) IQ provided by Erin Sparks, founder and owner of both entities.

“I started with a little shop of one – me,” says Sparks. “I came from a marketing background, but saw there was not a good understanding of how Internet search engines were going to impact the way we market business now and in the future.”

Sparks became a Google Partner and quickly absorbed every possible software tool in the stratosphere (a practice he continues ad infinitum) to develop digital marketing plans that are not only designed to optimize a company’s digital presence – that is, make them as easy to find as possible – but also adapt and utilize the seemingly constant game changes by Google and other search engines.

“SEO rules are continually changing in response to continually changing consumer behaviors,” says Sparks. “It takes constant vigilance and a knack for understanding how things mesh together to make a successful web site and web marketing program.”

And by successful, he means one with lots and lots of conversions. There is indeed a method to the madness, and a magic combination of due diligence and a customized approach to Internet marketing is what makes Site Strategics – now with a staff of 10 – stand apart from cookie cutter SEO and marketing firms.

Sparks is sometimes called “The Professor” because he believes in educating the consumer.  (He is also sometimes called “Batman” – but that’s another subject for another time.) Education is the purpose of Edge of the Web, a podcast which airs each Saturday at 3 p.m. on Freedom95 radio and posts each week on EdgeOfTheWebRadio.com.  “I believe it’s important to provide information so people can be make the best use of what’s out there,” he says. “Plus, I really love talking about this stuff.”

The unique approach of customizing good SEO practices, employing analytics and other powerful tools, and properly incorporating social media works very well, and the list of happy clients continues to grow with inquiries starting to come in from around the country and even across the globe from places like England, India, and Australia.

Marketing Director Dale Spence of Stoops Freightliner/Truck Country recently praised the performance of Site Strategics, citing the responsiveness of the team and the build-out of a unique plan as a boon to his web marketing efforts. He noted that Site Strategics was able to tie Ad Words (or PPC, pay-per-click) to lead forms to Salesforce so they could successfully track conversions (not only tracking ROI but providing objective accountability for the sales team).

“I like the fact they’re confident enough to work with and promote other programs (like Salesforce),” said Spence. “Before, we had to take an educated guess about how PPC was impacting leads.”

Upon hearing this, Sparks indulged in a rare #humblebrag: “We play well with others.”

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