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Site Strategics Halts Certain Hair-Razing Activities

By Erin Sparks
November 6, 2013

If you come visit Site Strategics this month, it might seem a little scruffy around here.

We’re actually a really neat bunch (figuratively and literally) – but a few of our peeps are growing out their facial hair in honor of “No-Shave November”.

‘Staching Cash for a Good Cause

No-Shave November is a whimsical way to grow awareness by growing hair. Cancer treatments are notorious for taking away hair, and No-Shave November wants to provide a visible reminder that people continually need help in their fight against the disease. The idea is to take all the money you would spend on shaving, haircuts, waxing, etc. and donate it educate people about cancer prevention.

Things Are a Little Hairy Around Here

Operations Manager Matt Roberts is at the “itchy” stage of stubble, but he’s determined to see his hirsute pursuit through to the end. “I actually found out about this through social media,” says Roberts. “And who knows – if I like it, I may go all ‘Duck Dynasty’. Although, my fiancée might have something to say about that!”

President Erin Sparks is a big proponent of No-Shave November; and personally supports a “No Shave – Not Here, All Year” position. (He’s a permanent beard guy.) Still – he is all for anyone on his staff who wants to join the ranks of the rakish by sporting a beard, mustache, goatee or hairy legs for that matter.

“I’m all about finding ways for my staff to contribute on a community level,” says Sparks. “Besides, beards are awesome.”

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