Decade Old 2 Hour Radio Show Dramatically Changed Its Presentation, Launched Into New Markets, Then Moved From Terrestrial Radio to Live Online Podcast

<a href=”http://christianquestions.com/” target=”_blank”>Christian Questions</a> is truly an original and unique approach to Christian Talk radio that looks at how biblical content relates to present day events while discussing both popular topics and controversial topics from several different viewpoints. This story starts in 2009. They had been broadcasting a live two-hour call in show form 7am to 9am eastern every Sunday on a New London, CT talk radio station since 1998. What was interesting is even though they only aired on that one station at the time, they had a national supporter base all the way to the West Coast.

We met the hosts of Christian Questions, Rick and Jonathan, while helping the Freedom 95 talk radio network fill weekend air time with varied programming content in the spring of 2009. After a couple phone conversations, Rick and Jonathan flew to Indianapolis to meet us. After a productive conversation and the trust that was built during the face to face interaction, we started working with the two hosts on a weekly basis.

Like most of the first couple of months when our team commences a talk radio show management relationship, Rick and Jonathan had to have some thick skin as we thoroughly reviewed how they organized the show and what audio imaging had to be improved. Within 90 days of the weekly evaluation and productive suggestions, there was tremendous improvement and their new caller volume increased every week. New music bed transitions, multi-media incorporation and new show structure started to flow smoothly.

Then came their first ever expansion out of their only market. We managed their first multiple market plan in 2009, they added three new affiliates. We also pioneered the unthinkable, they were challenged enough to fit all their content into two hours, but we suggested they consider a weekday 30-minute platform and call it Christian Questions Daily. In today’s media landscape, it’s about adapting and having different forms of your commentary, this daily program launched in the summer of 2013 and helped add another talk radio affiliate in Orlando, one of the largest Christian talk audience markets in the country.

Additionally, we were very proud to have helped put this radio show into the hands of bible students overseas in Uganda and more countries in the coming years. One impressive element of this Christian Questions talk show, they have an incredible volunteer network to help spread the show over multiple internet channels and into other countries. The show is produced as a compact quicker moving version of their two-hour live show and it has been well received by their domestic and international listener base.

As with all our traditional and digital broadcasting clients, we are always thinking about how we can expand their audience and grow from where their listeners are currently finding them. After we completed our radio show structure consultation, expanded into more markets, then developed the weekday show format, we then focused on overhauling their website’s design, structure and created a new logo with a new show slogan.

The new logo, slogan, and website launched as our phase 2 of rebranding in Spring 2016. Phase 3 was transitioning to exclusively broadcasting online. We created more new audio imaging, new audio promos featuring listener testimonies from all over the world, and started their weekly live 2-hour weeknight podcast in July 2016. Our digital marketing team promotes the weekly podcast through Google Adwords and paid Facebook advertising. We also promote their Google Play and Apple store app and have increased their downloads since starting that campaign.

Next steps, adding live video into the mix as their weekly audience grows and the demand for additional broadcast channels grow.