A 60 Second Radio Commercial Idea Turned Into A Multi-Market Long Form Radio Show

Rick and Smokey first started their one hour Saturday show in the Spring of 2009 on an Indianapolis talk radio station, as a means to drive new customers into their brick and mortar hardware store. As is the case with many talk radio stations, you can usually air a weekend radio show with weekday promo time for just as much as only purchasing weekday 30 second or 60-second commercials. They figured why not give it a shot to try and grab a captive audience without as much time limitations.

Smokey drug Rick kicking and screaming into the microphone, but what helped Rick quickly acclimate was how our team helped organize the hour, laying out a structure both he and Smokey could see. Visualizing how their terrestrial and online radio show was organized cut down a lot of weekly preparation time and post audio production time. This made it much easier to manage within their day to day professional schedule.

We helped the <a href=”http://twofatguysradio.com/” target=”_blank”>Two Fat Guys</a> make sure their listening audience learned who they were, creating personalization, hardware tips while mixing in numerous current pop culture commentaries. In the coming months, they saw the results of their on air labor, seeing new foot traffic into their store daily. It took a couple months to build the audience, but the consistent organization and audio atmosphere we created together, started to yield sales growth no other Ace Hardware store could match on a national level.

Where they turned a big corner is when our team was hired as full-time management and the weekly producers of their show in 2010. We developed a plan to localize the show for other markets, while signing on regional and national advertisers, in tandem creating a structure to have localized commentary for hardware stores in other cities. Rick and Smokey can now say they have aired on over 13 terrestrial talk radio stations across the country and have logged six figures in online listeners through various podcast channels.

One example of their on-air audience growth came in 2013. Before The Two Fat Guys, Hardware Show started airing on WBAL 1090 AM and HD 97.9 on Sundays 7 am to 8 am – they came listenership for that hour was sitting at 2,400. After just 16 weeks the came listenership jumped to over 12,500.

Our team also designed their logo, managed their weekly website content, while publishing weekly podcasts on multiple online radio platforms such as iHeart Radio, iTunes, Podbean, and Speaker.

They have grown from airing on one station and only focusing on driving new hardware store customers in 2009, to now double-digit station airings, and multiple online audiences. We’re looking forward to launching a new branding campaign with iHeart Media online and radio channels in 2017.