Super Bowl 51: Don’t Be Like 84 Lumber


07 Feb Super Bowl 51: Don’t Be Like 84 Lumber

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that the title of this blog and its subsequent content are going to focus on the quite controversial 84 Lumber commercial that debuted during Super Bowl 51 and the various backlash/support it received. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s the full, uncut version:

Well, while it was definitely a commercial to remember for this very difficult time in American history, we are ACTUALLY more concerned about what happened to their website when the commercial aired. How could you air a commercial like that, sending millions of people to a website, and have your site crash?!

Some may think the website crash was only a small issue, but I would beg to differ. How are you going to spend nearly $15 million (yes, it was on average $5 million for a 30-second spot) to promote your brand and get people interested or at least visiting your website, only to have it crash?? That’s like spending all of your money on Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, Outbrain, or another advertising avenue and sending people to a broken website. Can you imagine how infuriating that would be? Now take that and imagine spending $15 million. Wow. WOW!

So how do you, someone who will hopefully spend $15 million on a Super Bowl commercial one day, protect your website from crashing when you’re sending traffic to it?

What is a CDN?

The simple answer is to use a content delivery network (CDN)! CDNs are cloud-based networks that enable your users to access all of the various types of content (pages, videos, images, etc…) on your website no matter where they are or how many people are visiting your website at one time.

Does My Business Need a CDN?

If your business is something that has a tendency to produce flash crowds of visitors to your site with new product launches, specific promotions that happen during certain dates or times, or just know that there will be surges in your traffic due to actions taken on your site, you should consider a CDN.

Which CDN Do I Choose?

You will want to pick a CDN that serves your geographic location, can be put into place quickly, and can meet your specific goals. Some of the more popular CDNs are:

Not sure if your company needs a CDN? Start with some research and reviewing your company’s goals and trends, then look into a few of the CDNs listed above and maybe others! Whatever you do, don’t be like 84 Lumber and spend $15 million just to have your website crash!

Image and video from: 84 Lumber,

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