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14 Feb Your Company is the Bachelor of Digital Marketing

As I sit here next to my wife pondering my existence (AKA being forced to watch my least favorite show on television, The Bachelor), something strikes me. This show is what it must be like when someone is choosing a new digital marketing agency to work with. That’s right, The Bachelor is the ultimate metaphor for a business partnering for an agency.

Wait, don’t go!

Hear me out. I promise, this makes total sense, somewhere, amongst all of the nonsensical stuff that happens on The Bachelor. The only thing that is missing are the roses (…maybe we should give away roses…).

The Bachelor Steve Carrell

Because this is how we all feel regularly. Image: Relatably

So, imagine that you are a company (AKA Nick) who has recently had to go through the unenviable chore of leaving your old agency (AKA breaking up with your significant other/getting left at the altar/getting turned down) and who really wants to make sure that this next decision is the right one (AKA finding the perfect woman to marry). Alright, are you still there?

You have a plethora of choices available to you and want to take your time in making this next decision. Each agency has its perks, its quirks, and its unique identifiers that make them qualified in a variety of different ways. They all offer what is perceived to be an everlasting solution, promising long-term results, and wanting to be with you forever. Now, tell me this isn’t exactly like The Bachelor. So, how do you make the right choice?

The Bachelor cast 2017

The real question is, which agency is which member? Image: ABC

Some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing that next agency:

Don’t pull the trigger too quickly – Just like The Bachelor punishes some of us week after week after week with its constant terrible television, take your time! This is going to be the most important decision that you make for 2017, so make sure that it is the right one. Not just because they’re the best agency, they deliver great results, and they are very strategic about their methods, but because you are ready and willing to invest your money with them. If you are not absolutely assured that you can risk investing in the agency, because you have to be willing to make an investment, then don’t make that decision.

Make sure you choose the right one-on-ones – The Bachelor ensures that he gets one-on-one dates with the women he feels as if he has the closest connection to, so you should do the same! After you have gone through a first round of research with different companies, make sure you create your shortlist and schedule the next call or in-person meeting. Once you’ve done that, ask questions that are important to your specific business and needs, your customer base, and your goals for the year.

Ask meaningful questions – All right, so The Bachelor doesn’t always ask questions that matter even a little bit, and actually most of them are bad, but if The Bachelor tells you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? Make sure you take time before your meetings with your shortlisted agencies to come it with questions that mean a lot to your business. On the flip side of that coin, you have to make sure you have answers to some of the potentially more difficult questions you may be asked (i.e. What is a good cost-per-acquisition for your leads?). If you can come out of the meeting feeling like you were able to thoroughly vet the agency and they took the time to thoroughly vet your business, that’s a good start to any relationship.

Commit to the process – There’s no way The Bachelor would ever “find love” if he didn’t commit to the show and what it brings. Similarly, if you cannot commit to the process of the next agency that you sign on with, you will not ever see the relationship to be a success and you will panic far too early in that process. Make sure that you are committed and can trust the agency and people you will be working with.

Be with the person who fills your heart with joy and love every time you look at them – Sorry, what are we talking about again? I’m getting a little emotional ::sniff…:: Anyways, make sure you are comfortable with not only the agency you are looking to work with, but the people that make up that agency. If you do not feel like they have your best interests in mind, can really connect with your business and your customers, and are not going to guide you into a successful 2017 and beyond, that is not a relationship you want to be in. Agencies are made of people, just like your company, and it’s important that those people are people that you can trust.

I never thought that The Bachelor would ever provide any real-world value, but here it is. These are all very important factors for any business owner to consider and make room for as they plan the rest of their 2017 marketing efforts. If you have any questions about The Bachelor, I apologize, I cannot help you. If you have any questions about digital marketing, however, I’m your guy, or at least one of the guys and girls that can help!

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