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Regional Moving Company
A three-page website gave this moving company little SEO value. Using extensive analytics tool, we built a new website with a strategically structured wire frame and intuitive content. We also made the site mobile responsive, and established a local review system to boost their searchability.


Making the website design mobile responsive and easy to navigate on a tablet orphone reduced mobile device bounce rate by 30%.


A carefully managed PPC campaign utilizing carefully researched keyword increased conversions by 22% – and led to increased business.


Weekly leads steadily increased and actual cost per acquisition decreased, thanks to a carefully researched and managed pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

The Challenge

This moving company wanted more business – they needed to attract a constant influx of new leads and new business. 

However, few people knew who they were, and fewer could find them doing a web search for movers or local movers.

They had a small website and no local presence. They were nearly invisible to search engines and they needed a strategic marketing plan to increase their position in the marketplace, both locally and regionally. 


Busy Bee is a locally-owned company with a good reputaion – customers prefer working with someone close as opposed to larger, impersonal franchises.


A very small website with only 3 pages had little content because of this had little authority with search engines. They could not be found locally for any of their services.


Since they were local, there was a great oppotunity to rank high in local based searches. Plus the competition wasn’t practicing good local SEO.


It is a competitive industry and there is rarely a repeat customer due to the nature of the business. There’s a continual need for new customers.

Our Solution

  • Design New Website

    We changed the design of the website to provide more of a strategic focus on lead generation. Some people like to call and talk to a customer service representative while some people prefer to fill out a form. We designed a site that catered to both types of prospects.

  • Create Useful Content

    When people are moving, there are a lot of questions that come with the process. We developed useful content to help them – including moving checklists, packing tips and other content designed to help plan a move. People moving to a different city also want to research potential new towns, so we alsdo provided content about jobs, schools, utilities, etc for different cities and towns across Indiana.

  • Social Media

    We developed a social media presence stay in touch with current customers and reach potential new customers through Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Through these channels we consistently put out local, relevant information on news and events in Central Indiana.

The Results

Engaged Audience

Engaged Audience

At their peak season audience engagement increased, with a 73% growth in page views and 30% more time spent on pages during July 2015.

Organic Growth

Organic Growth

There was 103% growth in traffic leading to 665 conversions in their peak season, compared to 170 conversions the previous year.

Social Conversions

Social Conversions

There was an overall gain of 27% in social conversions. Twitter went from 0 conversions to 10 in the same month of the following year.

Observations from our Awesome Team

Erin Sparks

Erin Sparks

“We really appreciate the long relationship that we have had with Busy Bee Movers and the success we were able to bring.”

Owner, Senior SEO Consultant


Matt Roberts

“This project posed many challenges, not the least of which was all the noise that crowds the moving industry (little fish big pond). What we as well as the client understood was that by spending the time up front to really understand the target audience and the challenges that moving presents, we had a much better chance over the long haul of delivering a product that would perform despite the competition. What we have today is a highly tuned lead generation machine in the form of a website and paid ad campaign that has been dialed in over time to deliver not just a lead, but the right kind of lead for our client again and again.”

Operations Manager


Tom Brodbeck

“A great example of a successful local SEO campaign. The results from our content and local SEO really have been fun to see.”

SEO Consultant, Developer


Nate Torvik

“When you hear from a client that they are actually too busy with all of the great leads they are getting, you know you’ve done something right! Developing a strong, trusting client relationship early gave us the latitude to execute a great strategy. From local SEO, to PPC, to on-page SEO and user-driven content, Busy Bee Movers is one of the most successful campaigns we’ve had and for good reason. They’re a great client who trusts us to deliver great results!”

SEO Consultant

Stats We Loved to See

July 2015 Conversion Rate
Bounce Rate
Organic Increase
Lead Growth for July 2015

What our Client said About Our Performance

Matt Burkhart

"Site Strategics has been awesome for my business. They made my website, handle search engine optimization and handle my Adwords account and more. My organic and paid advertising ranking keeps going up. I would highly recommend Erin Sparks and his staff. Thanks!"

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