New Media Audience Engagement

audio / radio podcast production.

With the rise in popularity of free and paid podcast networks during the last 10 years, digital audio broadcasting channels have outpaced traditional online radio platforms five fold.  In fact, an estimated 98 million in the U.S. alone (Edison Research; Podcasts 2016) listen to podcasts on a weekly basis and are shown to be better informed and more affluent consumers.

Creating a custom podcast with regular frequency to reach targeted audiences has become a necessity in today’s market. Our studio and production assistance is sure to give you the edge in reaching those consumers on both new media and traditional platforms.

video production.

Research predicts that by 2019 video will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.  And today, 90% of users say that viewing a video about a product is helpful in their buying decision process. (; 20 Reasons you should boost your video marketing budget)

The industry is changing, it’s time for an approach that changes with it.

That’s precisely why we developed a facility dedicated to helping our clients augment their digital marketing with compelling audio and video content targeted to their current, and prospective audiences.

the studio.

We’re not afraid to say it; Our state-of-the-art Indianapolis recording studio is one of the finest audio / video recording studios in the Midwest.  We’ve taken great pains in constructing a flexible, valuable tool.  Our main goal is to help clients actively engage their audience using compelling audio and video content, live / livestream or pre-produced, of their message, products and services.

Our capabilities include every type of recording you may need; From laying down simple audio voice over tracks, webinar fulfillment, to full-featured, broadcast quality, short and long format video productions.  And we do all of this with your budget and goals first and foremost.

And for those just beginning in new media, our media team has decades of creative collaboration experience.  We can provide those in need, customized scripting and direction to help consistently deliver professional digital broadcasting content to include distribution and marketing.

But it doesn’t stop there, our studio is absolutely unique in that it is entirely mobile as well. This mobility enables us to produce, record and/or livestream (EdgeCast) any type of event, on location, as though it were being held in our studio.

our audio / video podcast studio amenities.

Our studio includes everything you need for your branded media production, including:

  • Custom full-color spectrum interior lighting capable of matching branding images and logos
  • Customizable stage and furnishing setups to fit multiple show formats
  • Professional sound attenuation treatment for quality audio reproduction
  • Ultra-high definition 4k television monitors and backdrop
  • Professional broadcast quality microphones / headphones
  • Professional digital audio/video mixing equipment
  • Teleprompter availability
  • Multiple remote guest connection capabilities
  • Multiple full-view observation windows
  • High-definition studio monitors and subwoofer for audio playback
  • Multiple high-definition PTZ cameras
  • Multiple camera angle video recording capability
  • Live video switching capabilities
  • Live on-screen graphics creation and insertion
  • Customizable split-screen capabilities
  • Full green-screen (chroma-key) capabilities
  • Multiple Livestream capability to nearly any destination
  • Fully licensed music bed and stock video library
  • In-house audio / video engineers, directors and production staff
  • Remote recording and live stream / switching capabilities
  • Studio / Remote webinar and conferencing capabilities
  • Full feature post-production editing
  • Professional creative consultation
  • Professional talent coordination, training and coaching
  • Professional distribution and audience building creation / consultation

Call or Contact Us today to schedule a free consultation – or better yet, drop by 1317 North Pennsylvania Street for a free tour and let us show you what our studio can do for you.