Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the way your business can leverage the incredible power and reach of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo! What they offer on their platforms is an unprecedented advertising opportunity to promote your business and your company website in the online marketplace. The advertising exposure you can achieve on these search channels is second to none, but you have to know the right techniques and tactics. When you get your SEM/PPC strategy right, your business can achieve higher brand awareness, greater profitability, and an impressive return on investment. Site Strategics is an agile digital marketing agency that can take your SEM/PPC campaign strategies to the next level so your business achieves a much stronger competitive position in its market sector. Keywords? Paid search? Organic? Optimization? We do it all!

Paid Search Engine Marketing Strategies

While search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can do a lot to boost your organic search rankings, pay-per-click strategies are an essential piece of the search engine marketing puzzle. Effective paid SEM requires careful campaign development and execution skills for optimal results. After all, unlike organic search engine marketing, paid search puts your advertising dollars on the line. Here’s how we leverage those precious dollars into digital marketing results through SEM:

At Site Strategics we utilize search engine marketing to direct online traffic through major search engines to the websites of our clients. We do this by increasing the exposure of their sites through a number of different channels, including Web 2.0 properties, social media, and other online networks. PPC is a major focus of our work, and our extensive experience and expertise in creating successful campaigns with AdWords, AdCenter and other channels can be put to work for your business. The goal of our paid search marketing services is to help you achieve maximum results based on your available marketing budget.

We concentrate on orchestrating campaigns that result in the lowest possible pay-per-click costs and lowest possible costs per acquisition while yielding high conversion rates. Our team of experts research and develop targeted keyword phrases and effective call-to-action advertisements for use on the top paid search engine and affiliate marketing programs, including those our agency has partnered with hosted by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We also provide statistical analysis and campaign monitoring, as well as ongoing research and optimization to ensure your campaigns achieve maximum results for the long term. When you want an agile digital marketing agency that keeps up with all the latest paid search developments to guide your SEM and PPC efforts, Site Strategics is ready to help!

SEM and Enhancing Your Organic SEO Strategies

Our search engine marketing strategies are quite effective in an overall formula for success that runs like this:  Better SEO positioning + Increasing targeted traffic = Higher conversion rates. The formula is simple, but what’s happening behind it is not! Every page of your site has to be carefully optimized with all the right keywords in as natural a way as possible to achieve a higher organic search ranking. Supplementing those efforts wearing your advertiser hat with paid search campaigns is the way to boost your brand. 

PPC Ad Targeting Options

When you know who your ideal customer is, then you can engage in all kinds of PPC ad targeting options to reach your target audience. This is when the experience of your digital marketing partner can be leveraged into a virtuous cycle of your ads appearing on the right search engine results pages (SERPs), which leads to greater visibility, increased website traffic, and ultimately more sales for your business. Here are some of your PPC ad targeting options:

  • Search Targeting: Your ad appears on SERPs when users are looking for specific information, and your ads are targeted to them by bidding on specific keywords that serve as a signal to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that it’s time to serve up your ad on a SERP.
  • Dynamic Search Ads: DSA is a newer style of PPC that gets away from keyword targeting. Instead, you share all or selected portions of your website with the search engine, which then crawls your site and makes matches between your site content and search queries to serve up your ad. 
  • Display Targeting: In the Google Display Network (GDN), ad targeting options include contextual targeting (which can be placement targeting where your ad shows up on specific websites that have opted into Google AdSense, loose-match keyword targeting, or topic targeting). 
  • Audience Targeting: There are a variety of options in this category, including in-market (people actively in the market for your solution), life events, custom intent audiences, affinity audiences, and similar audiences. 
  • Remarketing: Using cookies to remarket to people who visit your website, uploading a list of customer emails to the platform for targeting purposes, and linking Google Analytics to Google Ads (GA has powerful audience criteria).
  • Demographic Targeting: You can layer all kinds of demographic targeting (age, gender, income, parental status, etc.) to further refine any of the other targeting options mentioned above.

There is a lot of information management that goes into PPC ad targeting, but the right digital marketing partner can make short work of it to create a winning strategy for your business.

Site Strategics: A Successful SEM/PPC Track Record Helping Businesses

Site Strategics is an agile online advertising company with a great reputation that we first established in the search engine marketing arena years ago. We’ve been helping clients achieve significant, targeted website traffic and solid returns on investments ever since.

We help all types of businesses from eCommerce retailers to professional service firms realize the many benefits that come from our deep experience in providing top-quality SEM services. Utilizing SEO, social marketing, PPC, and a variety of other search engine marketing tools, we can provide your company with a customized strategy perfectly tailored to match your business goals and marketing budget.

How We Keep Site Strategics on the Cutting EDGE of SEM

In addition to our own long-standing expertise in practicing SEM strategies that get results, Site Strategics has a secret weapon most digital marketing agencies don’t have: Our award-winning EDGE of the Web podcast! Every week we invite a different industry expert to come in and share their insights in wisdom on every aspect of digital marketing you can think of. Here is just a small sampling of episodes about search engine marketing and pay-per-click that have helped keep us on the cutting EDGE:

  • Episode 346: SEO for 2020 with Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at MOZ. 
  • Episode 344: 7 Steps to Optimize Google My Business with Sherry Bonelli of Early Bird Digital Marketing.
  • Episode 340: Natural Language SEO with Dawn Anderson of Bertey.
  • Episode 338: PPC: More than Meets the ROI with Tim Jensen of Clix Marketing.
  • Episode 299: Making the Most of Bing Ads with John Lee of Microsoft/Bing.

And because Google is the juggernaut of all search engines, you can pretty much expect it to come up for one reason or another in just about every single episode of the EDGE, if not during the industry expert deep-dive interview, then definitely during the news roundup segment where the special guest shares their opinion and analysis of the latest digital marketing news headlines.