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Social Media Management
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Indianapolis SEOSocial media marketing management involves the development and effective promulgation of your company’s unique brand.

Through the effective utilization of many social media channels, Site Strategics can help you develop a solid social media presence that helps your company build a customer base that remains loyal for the long term.

Daily Management of Your Social Media Accounts

We begin by learning about your business and tailoring your social media profiles across the various online channels.

During this process we are able to create content around your business to be offered at your various social media channels such as Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™, Google™, Pinterest™ and many more.

We provide daily management of your brand and your account, including metrics of daily, weekly or monthly traffic and conversion data. By distributing your content and managing your engagement with your followers, our social media management service is able to produce greater levels of conversion than even many traditional web marketing efforts can provide.

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Social Media Impact on SEO

Inbound linking plays a significant role in the success of the search engine optimization of a website.

As a vote of approval toward your website, a link back to your site can help it rise in search engine rankings for particular relevant keywords. Social media and SEO strategies are now interconnected in terms of their ultimate effect.

The fact is that millions of links are created and shared on social media channels, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, every day. Search engines now include these links as part of their algorithms to determine the ranking of particular websites that receive these links.

We are able to create and manage a powerful social media strategy for your business that can expand your brand presence and simultaneously increase the SEO ranking of your main company website.

Multiple Channel Management & Strategy

Site Strategics implements a social media strategy that includes multiple channels to help you gain the broadest benefit possible throughout the entire worldwide social media marketplace.

We develop and maintain your business profiles on the major social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages and LinkedIn.

Our writers are able to develop the specific content you need to include in your profiles and postings that pertain to your specific industry.

Whether you need to create brand new social media accounts or upgrade existing accounts, we can help you experience the cost effective marketing benefits that result from having an active social media business presence.

These benefits include more followers, developing your brand’s presence and reputation, and increasing the visibility and conversion rate of your main company website.

Get Started Today!

As a business that wants to take full advantage of the most effective methods of brand building and advertising, it’s time to claim your portion of the social media marketplace.

Contact Site Strategics today to get started with your own custom branded social media portfolio.

Meet The Site Strategics Social Media Team

Stephanie develops social media marketing strategies for our clients. She ensures that their goals are being met and that their customer feels tied to their brand through our weekly content management.

Stephanie Daily

Social Media Manager

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