embracing social conversation.

social media with a strategic twist.

Social media marketing management involves the development and execution of a robust strategy that identifies and addresses the needs and pain points of your target audiences – in other words, locating your ideal customer where they are actively engaging online, and participating in strategic messaging and interaction to extend their involvement with your brand.
Through the effective utilization of many social media channels, Site Strategics can help you develop a solid social media presence that helps your company build a customer base that remains loyal for the long term. We can provide you with tips and tricks to not only grab their attention despite the constant internet noise, but foster that connection and interaction into brand awareness and later conversions.

social media strategy

  • Our Social Media Strategy service includes a summary of actions to take, instructions for implementation, sample posts, and an outline on existing posts to capitalize on and leverage.
  • Our Social Media Strategy is a roadmap to success for your brand and will help you become an expert on being able to create engaging content and ultimately build relationships with your fans and followers.

monthly tracking + reporting

Our Social Analytics service provides a 30-day glance at your digital wake, that is: what’s been done [on your behalf], information on engagement rates, stats on top performing posts, insight into what competitors are executing, assessment of top performing posts/post types, and a list of topics to explore and/or ignore in the future.

Tracking your business’ monthly analytics will help to ensure you’re hitting the right people with your posts and keeping in line with the best strategy for your brand. It will help identify trends unique to your business and its loyalists, bringing to light precisely how and when your audience is consuming your social messaging – ultimately saving you time and getting more engagement for less effort.

social ads / paid ads

Paid social ads make sure you get the most bang for your buck – literally. It’s an environment where you are investing dollars behind strategically targeting the eyes you want to see your online ad, directing them off of the social platform and back to your website. It’s piquing their interest as they’re engaging normally on social media, then enticing them back to your website to convert. It’s making sure your financial investment is only being utilized on the audience you approve and identify as ideal for doing business with, giving you ultimate control over who sees your messaging and engages with your brand. Each of the major social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest – have developed their own unique advertising space, and each has its nuances. Site Strategics can help you identify which platform best aligns with your customers and prospects, and help create messaging and imagery that will influence action. We’ll even recommend a suggested budget and provide insight into the reach that budget will have as it pertains to your desired audience, so that you’re aware of your ROI.


Social Media Management includes monthly calendar creation and scheduling, engagement (responding to questions and comments), and accounting for time-sensitive posts (i.e. current events, trends, latest happenings, etc.)

Our team carefully curates and constructs social media messaging for each of your social channels that not only reflects your company’s brand voice, but also engages and enthuses your target demographic. It’s equally as important for your message to sound consistent as it is for your message delivery to remain consistent – social media packs more of a punch when there’s a method to the madness and a continual, strategic reasons for what you’re sharing, where you’re sharing it and why.

competitor analysis

Developing and executing a strategy is the first step toward social success, but competitor analysis comes next. In order to fully understand what social messaging your customers and prospects are receptive to and engaging with, you must look beyond your own social platforms. An audit of your competitors will reveal the frequency of posts, common phrasing and effective messaging and will reveal which tactics generate the most engagement. These measures help identify areas of strength and opportunity for your business, and provide further data by which to categorize and target your customers and prospects.

social designs / collateral

Social media can be a crowded, noisy space to navigate – imagery and collateral can help create a distinction between your messaging and that of your competitors. Each social platform has specific size requirements, so it’s important to create imagery that maintains its visual integrity and doesn’t create a negative user experience. Site Strategics can help create custom social designs and collateral to leverage across each of your social media platforms, whether it be around a specific product or service line, or with the intent to facilitate other outcomes such as newsletter signups, contest sign-ups, etc. In a day and age where users are over-stimulated and often disengaged, social designs are a quick and easy way to say more with less and to facilitate engagement, and Site Strategics knows how to appeal to and get in front of your audiences.