What we expect.

Our approach has been custom tailored to  your needs. This necessitates your willingness to invest time with us to review and approve the execution of the initiatives, collaborate on your digital strategy, and respond in a timely manner to the day-to-day questions that will arise as we work together.

the challenge.

The disappointment that comes from mismatched expectations can cause problems in a branding project, a logo project or any other type of design project. But they seem particularly prevalent in web design and digital marketing, because of the wide gulf between the most minimal way to solve a web challenge to the most robust way to solve the problem.

clear communication.

Two tips for getting clear with your expectation:

  1. Give examples of other web sites that are doing what you want to do. It can be an example of a design and interface you like, or a functionality. Be clear about what the element(s) are that you like. Show as many of these examples as possible.
  2. Speak plainly about your end goals, not the specific technology.


When we’re expecting potential hiccups in the process, we inform the client and prepare them for what to expect.

During the course of any project, there are long lags when we are in the middle of a design or development phase; periods when we might not need any information from a client. During these phases, a client can get uneasy, as they haven’t heard anything from the team, and this uneasiness can absolutely hurt trust in the relationship.

To avoid this, we send out Periodical Status Updates, where we address what we worked on the last couple of weeks, what we are working on this week and any major items that warrant discussion. Many times we are restating information the client already knows, but this simple 5-minute task reassures them they are on the top of our priority list, and we are actively engaged in working on the project.

While some of these things may seem obvious, we find they are all necessary to ensure the successful running of a project, and to have a happy client after our work has launched. The biggest challenge is creating a manageable client communication system and a work culture that puts pride in their communication. When schedules become tight and workloads increase, communication sometimes becomes the lesser priority, when in actuality it should become the top priority.