Build Your Brand and Customer Strategy with Content Marketing

Building your brand through Content Marketing is a process of developing and presenting information (content) on your site that engages visitors, addresses their pain points, and gives them an education about your company’s solutions. A strategic plan for content marketing will draw your audience in and become a means to retain more customers.

Site Strategics: Your Expert Guide for Business Content Marketing

Any business lacking a solid content marketing plan is missing out on a high-value digital marketing strategy to engage both existing and prospective customers. Content marketing gets results by presenting fresh, compelling, creative, informative content that your target audience wants to consume. When you do content marketing right, you’ll see long-term, high organic rankings in the search engines. 

With Site Strategics as your digital marketing partner, we’ll guide your content marketing strategy on a path that gets results. We’ll help you research which forms of content marketing are best for your type of business and target audience. For B2B companies, this might mean better content marketing through LinkedIn. Nearly every business will benefit from creating or improving a company blog. And the absolute bedrock foundation of content marketing includes all the core content pages of your business website. Maybe your business needs a newsroom page for posting press releases. Or perhaps you would benefit from a series of short eBook resources to take a deeper dive into your company’s products and/or services. Our highly skilled content writers have the talent and ability to produce whatever kind of quality business content would most benefit your inbound marketing efforts and get the results you seek.

Retain Customers with Strategic Content Marketing

When your business acquires new customers, you want to keep them engaged with your brand so they become loyal fans who not only keep buying your product or service, but also become brand ambassadors for your company to expand your audience. At Site Strategics, we aim for value-added, shareable content. 

When visitors arrive at your website, what do they find? What do you think a new prospective customer might click on first? Where do your loyal customers spend the most time on your site? Do you have content to satisfy different segments of your audience? What are the immediate pain points your target audience is trying to address? 

How much of an education do your prospective customers need before they’ll make a purchase decision? Is the information presented on your website rich and creative enough that people are spending time consuming it? What kinds of articles do new and existing customers desire to read from your company? Building an effective content marketing plan for your business requires exploring these questions and many more. You need a strategic approach to site content, and Site Strategics is the digital marketing strategist that will deliver results for your brand.

E-Commerce Companies and Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a key digital marketing strategy for any business, including e-commerce companies. For these companies, inbound marketing strategies are especially important. The Internet is the primary or only place where customers engage with your brand, making content marketing an ongoing digital campaign to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. In many cases your content marketing efforts will include producing content for not only educating consumers, but also entertaining them to some degree. Building a consistent content presence includes exploring multiple ways of distributing and sharing content, not just letting all of it sit passively on the pages of your website. Site Strategics can guide every aspect of content marketing for your e-commerce brand.

Content Marketing Strategy

Are you thinking “outside the box” when it comes to content marketing strategy? You can trust us to help with that! In some cases, we find businesses try to have a presence on every digital marketing platform or channel imaginable. This often results in a whole lot of mediocre content that doesn’t do much of anything for your brand. We’ll help you form a real strategy around content marketing. With a bit of research, we might discover you should be focusing efforts on only two major social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube rather than trying to be on those plus Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. A solid content marketing strategy can get results as good as any other kind of advertising campaign (PPC, email, TV, etc.). Every dollar you spend on high-quality content marketing gives a great return on the investment, and we can show you how that works. Sharing our digital marketing expertise with your business is what brings us joy and gets results for you!

SEO Content Development

All your content needs to be carefully written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. This is what helps ensure your content reaches its intended audience. When handled with skill, search engine optimization of content leads to better search engine rankings. What many don’t realize is that SEO applies to ALL content – not just the core content pages of your website. It applies to every blog article as well. It applies to B2B white papers you might produce and make available through your website. It applies to every photo that gets posted to your website with a caption, image title, and “alt text” tag. At Site Strategics we pay careful attention to every detail in the content we develop for your business, whether it’s for a traditional channel or something entirely new.

Custom Content for Industry Specific Concepts

Our content development team and writers can cater to the needs of any specific industry. This specialization is key to showing the relevancy of your content to search engines. We have expertise writing both technical and non-technical content for commercial businesses, industrial clients, information technology firms, and many other kinds of companies. Our writers keep your company’s objectives in mind and produce well-crafted copy that is thoroughly researched, builds your brand message, and effectively promotes your ideas, products, and services. Content development is a process, and one at which we excel.

Site Strategics: Your Agile Digital Marketing Partner

to show not only expertise in the raw technology of content marketing, but ideally also shows leadership in the industry. At Site Strategics, one of the ways we like to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing is by inviting industry experts to be guests on our award-winning EDGE of the Web podcast. They help keep us “keep our powder dry” as we like to say! As you can imagine, discussing changes and developments at Google is a constant theme running through all our episodes. 

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing, which means it’s time for an approach that can keep up and change with it. It’s about being nimble enough to quickly adapt and make the most of the latest developments. Unlike traditional marketing methods, agile marketing is centered around change. Agile doesn’t work in absolutes. Instead, it works in sequences to ensure each piece of your digital marketing efforts bring in the highest return possible at any given point in time. We revisit strategy each month to determine what’s working and what’s not in order to focus our efforts where we can get the results needed—reaching and engaging your target audience with value-added content to promote your business.

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