Increase visibility and reach with SEO.

your information in the right place.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is not just about rankings. It’s about getting your information where it will work best. You want to rank well – but you want to rank well where it counts.

Getting into the right search engine results requires the right recipe – a calibrated mix of analytics, keywords, website structure, metadata, quality content, and proper use of social media.

technical seo chops.

Keeping on top of industry developments is crucial because they’re always evolving. But there’s also the journey of the person who’s doing a search. Good SEO professionals know you must understand the seeker’s motivation, apply a solution, then design a logical path which leads to a point of action.

The tactical checklist includes (among many other things):

  • Proper URLs
  • Redirects
  • Title & meta tags
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Internal links
  • Anchor text

Agile Maintenance.

Nothing is constant but change – and we don’t expect your website to be one and done.

While the basic SEO housekeeping doesn’t change, the marketplace does. And search engines continue to evolve as they adapt to changes in search techniques.

We can help you get – and remain – relevant to in the world of search by addressing your marketplace needs as they arise.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you – let us bring the right prospects to your digital doorstep. Whether you’re located locally or on the other side of the country, our Indianapolis search engine optimization agency is ready to go to work for you.

Intuitive Content.

Search with intent.

While using the right tactics in the right way is important – it doesn’t work if you don’t understand the buyer’s journey and provide the right content for the road.

We’ll create the content you need to get your prospects’ attention, help them evaluate your unique way of helping, then lead them to an easy connection point.

Voice search using mobile phones, tablets, and smart home devices is becoming the norm. People now search the way they talk and using simple keywords won’t get the right prospects to your digital door.

We know how to find the right long tail key terms for you. The right search terms answer questions and fill in gaps to more accurately identify and address the actual search intent.

We not only help you find where your ideal customer is looking – we get you there to meet them.