Custom pressure regulator and flow control systems
We developed power content around the application of Pro-Air systems for all 27 industries they service. Then we created forms which gathered information based on common problems – this provided far more efficient lead intake. We followed up by promoting content through social media and Pro-Air was quickly established as a hub of information and industry thought leaders.


Creating accurate technical content and strategically placing it on webpages, blogs, case studies, and infographics created an industry-specific lead funnel.

Solution Based Intake

Content was shaped from the questions asked on form fills – giving the end user assurance their problems had solutions Pro-Air could provide.

Thought Leaders

Developed educational content while sharing useful data, led to Pro-air becoming an industry thought leader and a go to resource for information seekers.

The Challenge

Pneumatic pressure regulators and flow control valves are things that don’t find their way onto most shopping lists. These are components of technical systems which serve technical purposes – and Pro-Air wanted to educate a wider audience.

Their typical site visitor is an engineer with a very technical background – so the information had to be accurate and useful. But the problem was there were a myriad of applications of the pressure regulator and flow control systems that weren’t immediately obvious.

Pro-Air needed to educate potential clients about the more accurate, and often less expensive, solutions their systems could provide. Content was geared toward demonstrating applications in a variety of industries. This required content creators who could translate technical data into easily understood descriptions while communicating the value of them.


Pro-Air had existing connections with hundreds of vendors worldwide – this provided a large platform from which to launch the project. Another strength was the client’s strong backing of the approach – staff were invested from the beginning and offered ample help and support.



The site was unwieldy with so many products, industries, and concepts to explain – and it was difficult for customers to identify the products they needed. User experience was difficult, and Pro-Air needed a lot of guidance and new structuring to better guide user experience and drive conversions.



Abandoning the limitations of their old Joomla CMS and adopting WordPress provided a lot of room for expansion. It also provided a better platform from which to deliver the technical content – we were able to install a much easier-to-follow structure. As a result, content was more easily and logically followed.



Pro-Air products and services are very technical, and there was a danger the generated content wouldn’t be accurate – or technical enough – to provide useful information for the user while still fulfilling SEO goals. We had to understand and synergize both purposes.



Our Solution

  • Industry Specific Content

    Proportion-Air products and systems have applications for multiple industries and manufacturing needs. We decided to cast a wider net by providing case studies and detailed applications that are industry-specific. It provided valuable content for users, and established the company as a technical authority in this field.

  • Conversion Optimization

    We wanted to increase the number of leads while filtering out the ones which weren’t relevant. The team at Proportion-Air and Site Strategics worked together to develop a customized form to help clients identify the products they needed. The form also cut administration time and phone time by answering commonly asked questions (both on the form and through content on the website).

  • Thought Leaders

    Proportion-Air need to show how their products were superior. A number of Industry pages detailed the various ways their air flow systems can be utilized to work more efficiently and with greater accuracy and repeatability. Blog articles, infographics and videos also explored thought-provoking content and encouraged user engagement.

The Results

Industry Specific Content

Industry Specific Content

Known keywords went from 476 to 950, and increased client entrance to the website from various content points by 22%.

Solution Based Lead Intake

Solution Based Lead Intake

Improved optimization from redesigned forms let to a 58% increase in conversions for 2015.

Industry Thought Leaders

Industry Thought Leaders

Technically accessible and industry specific content lead to 166% increase in traffic – and 1,300% increase in conversions via social media.

Observations from our Awesome Team

Erin Sparks

Erin Sparks

“This has been a great long-term client of Site Strategics.  We are exceptionally pleased with the performance of the campaign over the last three years.”

Owner, Senior SEO Consultant


Lynnell Nixon

“This client needed technical content that delivered useful information to a specialized audience as well as meeting SEO objectives. It was an educational process on both sides.”

Content Manager


Tom Brodbeck

“Our content strategy based around useful industry content not only brought good rankings, but also relevant leads.”

SEO Consultant, Developer


Nate Torvik

“Educational, insightful, consumer-driven content is really the key to awesome results organically, and Proportion Air is a perfect example of the kind of success you can have by delivering the best information for the consumer.”

SEO Consultant

Stats We Loved to See

Increased Page Views in 2015
Increased Entrances in 2015
Increased Organic Traffic in 2015
Increased Social Traffic in 2015

What our Client said About Our Performance

Larry Brown
Proportion Air

I have worked with Site Strategics for nearly 3 years and I find them to be very responsive to our needs. I always feel like I am working with a company that is cutting edge and understands the internet and how to get the most exposure through our company's website. We have nearly eliminated other forms of advertising in regular media because of the success we have achieved through Site Strategics' work. Site Strategics' staff makes doing business with them enjoyable as well. I have recommended Site Strategics to several others in our industry.

Shayne Samples
Proportion Air

For the first time phone call leads began to include mentions of specific product searches where the prospect saw Proportion-Air listed #1 in Google listings, they then contacted us with a specific application request. We’re now experiencing shorter time frames for close rates and increasing positive feedback from customers.

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