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Infographic: Fine Tune Your Social Media ROI

By Erin Sparks
January 23, 2013

In a blog post from a couple weeks ago, I wrote about why your small business should be in social media by sharing an infographic that gave some very interesting social media statistics. Hopefully after reading that post, you decided to start up your own social media campaign.

So if you did start your social media accounts, now what? Here are a few helpful tips to help you get a better ROI for your camapaigns.

Define Key Performance Indicators

As a company you need to figure out what your goals are and what metrics you will use to determine success. Are you wanting to get more traffic to your website or do you want more downloads of a product catalog? Also discuss which social networks you want to target. Once your company goals are identified, then move on to the second step.

Setup Analytics

Make sure you have analytics set up on your website and then determine which networks are performing the best. Analyze the data and adjust your plan accordingly.

Drive Content Marketing

After a few months, check and see which pages are the most popular and write more content on that topic. Utilize different types of content, whether it be videos or photo galleries to help with the content sharing.

Leverage Social Relationships

A few months later you will be able to measure the relationships you have created with your audiences. Using analytics, you can track which networks work best and focus on the content that drives that network to get more engagement.

Social Intelligence to Identify Audience

Use your analytics referring data to see where you get the most traffic from. See what goals were successful and unsuccessful as well.

Hopefully with these five tips you create a successful social media campaign for 2013! Check out the infographic below for a better illustration of the tips mentioned in this article.