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Infographic: Google Algorithm Updates from 2012

By Erin Sparks
January 11, 2013

This past year was a big year for Google algorithm updates. The big two were the Google Penguin update and the Google Panda refresh updates. We even spent a whole radio show talking about the “Google Dance” that we were going through with the Google Updates.

But those updates weren’t the only ones released, there were several other updates rolled out by Google this year. As an SEO and an internet marketing company, we are always doing what we can to stay informed of these updates.

One way I stay informed is with a neat tool that I have come across called Mozcast. Mozcast is a tool created by SEO MOZ that measures different factors to determine if Google released an update the day before by releasing a Algorithm Temperature of the day before. The lower the number, then Google’s algorithm was not very active. If it was a higher number, then there was likely an update published by Google that day.

In the infographic below, they chronologically go through the updates for the past year and tell you what the update targeted. Was your website hit by one of the updates?

Google Search Algorithm Updates in 2012


Courtesy of: E2M Solutions