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Infographic: The Value of Long Tail Keywords

By Erin Sparks
January 17, 2013

Many times on our SEO Podcast, we have talked about the importance of long tail keywords in your internet marketing strategy. In case you don’t know, a┬álong tail keyword is a search term is that uses more than three words.

For example, if you are a restaurant in Indianapolis, a short tail keyword search would be “restaurants,” but a long tail keyword would be “restaurants southside Indianapolis.”

Now, getting a number one ranking for “restaurants” would bring a ton of traffic to your website but a good majority of those visitors are not the customers you are targeting because they probably don’t live anywhere close to Indianapolis. So, as a searcher, you qualify your search result further to make it more relevant to what you are searching for by searching for “restaurants southside Indianapolis.”

Those long tail keyword searches are the more qualified searchers your website should be targeting and generating more leads from.

Hittail recently released the infographic below with some pretty convincing statistics as to why you should be targeting long tail traffic. One of the stats that jumped out to me is that 70 percent of all search queries are from long tail search terms.