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SEO Flashback – Edge of the Web Radio Episode #10

By Erin Sparks
January 22, 2013

During the June 23 Edge of the Web broadcast, we discussed the interview questions that should be asked of prospective SEO firms.

 Describe your expertise in SEO

  • Expect a solid immediate answer

Tell me about 3 successful SEO projects and explain why they were successful

  • Look for improvements in conversions, not just keyword success.

What is your number rule for SEO?

  • Gives insight into their experience
  • Provides a look at how they operate- Are they white hat or risk takers?

Tell me about your biggest search engine optimization failure-what did you learn?

  • Provides insight into their thought processes and work flow
  • Ask them what they would do differently if they could do it again

What are your most utilized SEO tools?

  • Are they using industry successful industry standard tools?
  • i.e.  SEOmoz, Citation Labs, Link Prospector, Majestic SEO, Raven Tools

 How do you carry out keyword competitive analysis?

  • Look for creative research, not just a list of trophy words

What would you do if there was no evidence of improvement within a six month time frame?

  • Were there budgetary or time limitations?
  • Are they touching on all key pillars of internet marketing

Have you ever outsourced SEO work?

  • An SEO campaign can have a lot of moving parts. Does the SEO prospect have the management experience to outsource effectively when necessary?

What metrics do you follow to determine an effective SEO campaign?


Successful internet marketing strategies are in a state of constant change.  When searching for a firm to conduct search engine optimization for your company, it’s vital to see clear signs of a firm that has proven ability to adapt to movement within the industry.  At Site Strategics, we constantly evaluate our workflow  to ensure we are able to provide successful web solutions.   What skills sets do you envision becoming increasing valuable in the world of internet marketing?