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The Rise of Multi-Screen Content Consumption

By Erin Sparks
January 30, 2013

Smartphones and tablets have quickly become a widely accepted technology for consumers and have become a vital part of everyday life for most.

On Christmas Day last month, 17.4 million tablets and smart phones were activated. Just in one day! And four million tablets and smartphones were activated during the first 20 days of Christmas. That is crazy!

Now with the rise in smartphones and tablets, people are multi-tasking with all of their screens. According to the infographic below, 90 percent of Americans are using multiple devices throughout the day.

I know that I am a culprit, mostly during my favorite TV shows and sporting events. Have you noticed that shows are superimposing Twitter hashtags in the corner of the screen? Some shows, The Voice comes to mind, even displays tweets during the show.

One of my favorite things to do is to follow sports writers and see their reactions during sporting events and with the upcoming Super Bowl, I will definitely be following along on my tablet with everyone and reacting to the game.

So when are you multi-tasking with multiple devices and screens? Check out some of the statistics below and see where you fall into.

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