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Three Keys to Establishing Trust on Local Search

By Erin Sparks
January 24, 2013

Local search has certainly become one of the buzz terms heard during any internet marketing discussions. As a business owner looking to optimize their presence in local search, what steps are you taking to ensure more customers are finding their way to your listings?

As with any marketing endeavor, local search boils down to providing good information to potential consumers so they are able to make an informed decision. Ultimately you want your audience to feel a connection to your message and trust your brand to deliver as promised.

As searchers evaluate your local presence, there are three things you need to convey to provide a positive impression of your business.

 You are who you say you are

There’s no way better way to give a good first impression than favorable reviews. Potential customers are more likely to feel confident in your product if they feel others have had a good experience.

A local listing with poor reviews or no consumer reviews at will not give searchers a warm fuzzy about your brand.  Encourage current customers to review your product and better yet make it easier for them to do so by providing them with a link to your listing and easy instructions to post a review.

You do what you say you do

Does your local listing clearly define your business?   As consumers scan search results are they able to quickly understand what your product or service is all about?   Clear descriptions of your offerings along with quality photos will help define your message.  You have a very small window of opportunity to make a favorable impression.

You are where you say you are

Over half of all local searches are conducted from a mobile device.   Are potential customers able to easily find you?   Having concise directions to your business and ensuring the address on your local listings match your website.  Don’t frustrate potential customers by make it difficult to physically find your business.


Content will always be the key to optimization, whether it’s organic search or local search.  There might  be different methodologies or tools that will provide good results, but a quality message is the foundation of marketing.