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The Hundred Acre Wood of Digital Marketing and SEO

By Erin Sparks
October 15, 2014

As you wander through the wide world of digital marketing and the online space, you will continuously come across obstacles and challenges that will alter your thinking, methodology, and overall outlook on what it means to have the “perfect digital plan.” Much like one of our favorite childhood book locations, the world of online marketing can become the Hundred Acre Wood—  full of excitement and wonderful characters, but also rife with strange creatures and dark influences. If this world around you is full of these colorful storylines, then who must you be? That’s right, dear friend, you are Winnie the Pooh.

[su_heading]Winnie the Pooh | You![/su_heading]

Always searching for the proverbial honey pot (which, in this analogy, will be website traffic and conversions), you are constantly set out on adventures with your friends to unlock the secrets of the Hundred Acre Wood. Alongside you are your faithful friends, and guiding you along the way and helping shape your strategy. But who is who?

[su_heading]Christopher Robin | Google[/su_heading]The wisest and most revered member of the troupe, Christopher Robin is Winnie the Pooh’s best friend and confidant. They are very close and each affects the other in many aspects of their stories. Much the same, Google, the largest and most powerful search engine, greatly influences the overarching landscape of the digital marketer. The Google team delivers incredible innovations almost daily, and you must learn to work as closely within their realm as you can to succeed in the digital marketing space.

[su_heading]Rabbit | Matt Cutts[/su_heading]Is anyone smarter than Rabbit? Well, he certainly doesn’t think so, and as the resident rule monitor of the group, he places himself atop a pedestal amongst his peers. There is never a violation that escapes his thorough gaze, much like one of the most recognizable real-life characters in the digital marketing world— Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts. Many SEO professionals reference a growing enmity for Cutts, as he and his team decide what is in and out of bounds. But, he means well and is always looking out for the best interests of Google users. So make sure you brush up on all of those rules. As the defenders of the rules, it is the duty of Cutts and Rabbit to uphold the letter of the law, whether you like it or not.

[su_heading]Eeyore | Content Development[/su_heading]Oh, bother. Yes, he’s gloomy, monotonous, and sometimes goes unnoticed, but Eeyore is one of the most beloved characters within the Hundred Acre Wood. He is an important part of many stories, one of the original four characters, and the entire landscape of the Hundred Acre Wood would be vastly different without him… much like your content development strategy, which may be one of the more difficult puzzle pieces to get moving.  High quality, regularly updated content is one of the main foundational blocks on which your marketing strategy needs to be built. No matter how slow-moving it may seem, consistent, outstanding content is key component of your overall goal. Slow and steady epitomizes the lifestyle of that lovable donkey, and will be a foundational part of your success.

[su_heading]Piglet | Blogging[/su_heading]Often, the many different tactics and methods that can be utilized when you are blogging can make people nervous and afraid. What voice do you want to have within the blogosphere? What other sites should you link to? How do you make your content more attractive to the countless potential readers out there? How can your blog drive traffic? With more questions often comes more hesitation, which is why Piglet is the perfect example. Always nervous and timid, Piglet is one of Pooh’s best friends. However, when the time comes for him to step up, he proves how brave he can be. Be brave and bold in your blogging once you choose your path and you will find success.

[su_heading]Tigger | Twitter, Facebook[/su_heading]Tigger is one of everyone’s favorite characters. The lovable, bouncy, energetic creature brings an unmatched exuberance to the Hundred Acre Wood—much like various social media platforms bring a sense of newness, excitement, and noisiness that is contagious in the world of digital marketing. Twitter and Facebook are the two largest players in the social media kingdom, creating places for you to get the word out to your customers about your brand in real time, as well as interact with people from all over the world about your products, services, or any other industry-related topics you may have in mind. When Tigger teams up with his partner-in-crime, the fun never ends…

[su_heading]Roo | Instagram, Pinterest, Others[/su_heading]Tigger’s best friend and the other half of the bouncing duo, Roo is essentially a smaller version of the one and only Tigger. Full of energy and constantly trying the nerves of his mother, Kanga, Roo looks up to Tigger as an older brother much like some of the newer, younger social media platforms are frequently looking to Twitter and Facebook for what moves they should be making next. Always exciting but yet to dethrone the dominant social media tools, newer players such as Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest are of increasing importance in your digital marketing strategy, no matter how small they may seem.

[su_heading]Kanga | Link building[/su_heading]The protector and mother figure of the group, as well as the only female character in the stories, Kanga is always at her best when things are neat and organized—much like you should want your link building strategy to be. Offering caring, generous advice to anyone who asks, Kanga is yet another key cog in many of the stories’ developments.  She is also one of the original members of the group, one of the four stuffed animals that these stories are all based on. Likewise, link building is one of the oldest, most important methods of developing a good online presence. Since the early days of Google, link building has changed from a free-for-all, chaotic practice to a neat, organized, regimented strategy, especially with recent mass changes by Google itself. By developing a systematic and tidy link building strategy, you can help yourself manage one of the eldest members of the SEO world as it continues to change and morph, all the while remaining one of the most important pieces of your digital marketing strategy.

[su_heading]Owl | Tools, Resources[/su_heading]Owl is the oldest, wisest member of the gang. Often a mentor and teacher to the rest of the characters, he guides the characters in many of their conundrums, but not always in the perfect direction. You must use the many tools at your disposal, like Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics, and resources, like Moz and Hubspot, to help guide you in a direction of your choosing. Although there is not one single, foolproof strategy for utilizing the data and ideas from these tools, they are there to provide sage advice and drive you toward improving the utility of your web properties.

So, Winnie the Pooh, what are you waiting for? Get exploring and go make your own adventures within the Hundred Acre Wood of Digital Marketing and SEO. Utilize your friends in the online world to find the best methods and develop the best strategy for your company and customers. There is no right or wrong direction in which to go, but using this cast of characters, you will surely find your way.

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