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Inclusive Design and Accessibility.

By Site Strategics
June 16, 2017

Inclusive design is all about putting the needs of the user first and designing for the widest range of users possible, including situational or temporary disabilities. Inclusive design is more than making a feature or element accessible; it’s really about choosing the right feature in the first place, based on its value and the improved experience for different users.

Henny Swan of the Paciello Group suggests that when designing any feature, one should consider adding value and offering choice.

For instance, in a native app, the search function could be predictive and the search results might be grouped under headings, so that users with dexterity issues and users with low vision can use the function with ease.

Then, the option for a voice search could be added to the search function. This adds an element of choice, allowing the user to perform a search in the easiest way for them. Whether I have a visual impairment or am in my car and can’t (or at least shouldn’t!) input search text, I have the option of voice input.

By providing different ways for people to complete tasks, you can bring usable, accessible, and creative designs to your web sites and apps.

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