Styles Guides and Accessibility.


One way to implement and assure accessibility throughout your website development and updating cycles is to create an accessibility style guide. A style guide is a design document that establishes a set of standards, in this case, accessibility standards. An accessibility style guide gives explicit and consistent guidelines for developers to help them build accessible […]

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Winn Dixie Lawsuit and Your Business.


The most recent accessibility ruling has some repercussions across the business spectrum. The digital business and law information site of K&L Gates HUB recently posted their take on the lawsuit and its potential impact. The HUB insists that businesses should beware.  Although the court decision is not binding for other businesses, any business website that […]

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Common Accessibility Errors That Attract Lawsuits.


Recently, Cryptzone, an internet security solutions company, looked at corporate accessibility lawsuits over the past 5 years and determined that every complaint involved at least one of four common accessibility violations. The most common violation is the failure to provide alternative text for graphic images. Adding alt text is the simplest step that an organization […]

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Improving Accessible Course Content.

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For many web site developers, the focus of accessibility has been on audio and video. However, other digital content, such as PDFs, presentations, and other materials, continues to be inaccessible. These content issues are widespread, but they are especially acute in education, where much of the course content consists of documents and presentations. Some of […]

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An Overview of the Accessibility 4.0 Audit.

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What exactly is an accessibility audit? The Accessibility 4.0 Audit is a detailed testing process of your website to evaluate its degree of accessibility. We follow the evaluation guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. Through our audit, we measure your website’s level of accessibility in a systematic way against […]

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