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Infographic: 100 Social Networking Statistics from 2012

By Erin Sparks
January 9, 2013

“My customers aren’t on social media, so why do I need to be?”

The internet marketing industry has heard statements similar to that from business owners for a while now. Some business owners think that social media is a passing fad that will eventually disappear. Unfortunately for them, social media is here and won’t be going away anytime soon.

When I saw the infographic below, I was reminded about the interview we had on Edge of the Web Radio with Jason Falls and Erik Deckers, authors of No Bullshit Social Media. In their book they disprove common myths and describe why there are no more excuses for businesses. Your customers are going to be talking about you in all of these channels whether you are there or not and by not being there, you are doing nothing except ignoring your customers. If you missed the interview, I highly recommend that you listen to it.

In the meantime, check out the infographic below. It has several neat statistics and facts about several of the more popular social media networks and hopefully will convince you that you and your business needs to be there.