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Making Your Boring Industry Interesting in Social Media

By Erin Sparks
February 20, 2013

With all of the different social media networks out there, becoming an influential voice in a social network has never been easier than it is today.

More and more people are joining social media networks, and those networks are letting businesses join those networks too! Why not take advantage of where people are gathering?

We talk about it all of the time on Edge of the Web Radio, but we still hear from business owners that don’t think they need to be in social media.

Most business owners think that their business is too boring for social. Well, your industry will only be as exciting as you make it.

Need some help? HubSpot recently posted a blog about how boring industries have made their industries interesting with their social media marketing.

SEO.com posted an article last week with some helpful tips on how to write compelling content for boring industries.

Another good example of making your boring industry interesting to consumers is Blendtec, who make and sell blenders. Boring, right? Well not if you create a Blendtec YouTube page and focus your video marketing campaign on your blenders destroying popular tech items. Now, their “Will it Blend?” video marketing campaign has become one of the most popular online marketing campaigns.

So hopefully your creative juices have started to flow and have started to come up with ideas for your business. Get into social media and put those ideas to test.

Dashburst recently released this infographic that highlights five reasons that your business need to get into social media. Which network will best suit your business?

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