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6 Interviews From Our Podcast That You Missed

By Site Strategics
August 24, 2016

We’ve been doing our podcast for over four years now, and every week we are inching closer to our 200th episode. For most of the past year, as you may have noticed, that our format has changed. With our old format, we would find an article online and discuss it or tie a few episodes together around a certain topic. But our format was based around filling a radio station time slot, and we weren’t able to really deep-dive into a topic or discussion.

With our new format, we are talking to and interviewing some of the top names in the digital marketing industry – and since that change, our episode downloads have increased dramatically.

So, since our audience seems to be growing and responding so well to this format change, I wanted to highlight a few of the older interviews from the archives that you may have missed. Here are a few of my favorite past interviews.

Show 37 – Guy Kawasaki and A.P.E.

We were so psyched to have Guy Kawasaki on Edge of the Web to promote his new book A.P.E.: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book. It’s not every day you can talk to someone of his stature and social following. We talked to Guy about a lot of things including: his new book, his time at Apple, social media, self-publishing, and more! Plus he even asked US questions about his SEO. Very cool stuff!


Show 56: Jay Baer & Youtility

Jay Baer, of Convince and Convert, came on Edge of the Web to promote his new book Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype. If you haven’t read his book before, you need to. We have several copies of it floating around our office at Site Strategics. And the premise behind this book is the exact reason why we started the radio show/podcast over four years ago. It was a fun interview and we can’t wait to have Jay back on the show!


Show 61 – Mark Schaefer – Physics of Social Content

Mark Schaefer is a well-known author and social media expert and hosts a great podcast with Tom Webster called “The Marketing Companion.” We loved having Mark on the show to promote his book Return on Influence as well as talk about his blog post titled “How the physics of social media could kill your marketing strategy.”


Show 64 – Tom Webster of Edison Research

Tom Webster, the other half of the Marketing Companion podcast, joined us on the podcast a few weeks after Mark Schaefer. Tom is another thought leader in social media and the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research. Tom still writes great content on his blog, BrandSavant. He had some great statistics to share with our audience, plus he’s a funny guy! Have a listen to this great conversation.


Show 128: Social Net Watcher

While Bruce Canal may not have the same name recognition that some of our other guests have, but he has a passion for helping schools prevent cyber-bullying – a very important topic for today’s world. His software is called Social Net Watcher and we met him a local event and had him on Edge of the Web to discuss this topic.


Show 150 – Gini Dietrich on Social Media Policies

Gini joined us on Edge of the Web and immediately fit right in with the crew. Gini wrote a blog post about social media policies and we wanted to have her on the show to talk about what companies should look for when creating their social media policy. Plus, she’s the author of Spin Sucks and Marketing in the Round. Gini’s interview was fun and we can’t wait to have her back on!

Well, those are a few of the MANY interviews we have done in the past. If you want to hear more of our great Edge of the Web Interviews, visit our interview section on the Edge of the Web website. And be sure to subscribe to Edge of the Web on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, PodBean, and more as we have great interviews lined up for the upcoming future!