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A Conversation with Brad Geddes – A Leading PPC Expert

By Site Strategics
July 25, 2016

Recently, #edgetalk’s featured guest was Brad Geddes, a PPC expert. He’s the co-founder of AdAlysis, founder of an online search training program called Certified Knowledge, and author of the book, “Advanced Google AdWords.” Needless to say, he is quite the resource for PPC information.

When he isn’t traveling all over the world giving talks in places like Kenya, London, Spain, and Romania, he is also a columnist for Search Engine Land and a moderator at Webmaster World.

Optimizing Production

Being the co-founder of a company can provide all sorts of management insights. As a self-professed productivity freak, Geddes does his best to get the most out of his days. He also wants his employees to take the same approach to productivity.

“No morning meetings, no email in the mornings, said Geddes. “We just focus on the work that needs to be done like managing paid search, working on one of our products, analyzing stuff, creating videos, what not.”

AdAlysis has completely embraced the above approach. For example, afternoons are meant for meetings and email. In the end, the mornings are reserved for creativity while the afternoons are focused on “feeding off others’ energy,” which according to Geddes is the time when client interactions and necessary meetings are held.

How can AdAlysis help you?

AdAlysis is a tool used for ad testing. We Geddes was asked about some of the challenges that are facing digital marketers in regards to ad testing he had the following to say:

They go and create a couple ads in a group or maybe 100 ad groups total. For some accounts it’s a million ad groups. Then they run the data manually with a plugin for Excel, which could take up the entire day. So they’ve spent their entire day analyzing data, but still have more to do.

Eventually, after months of this type of mundane activity, people have a tendency to burn out. For example, they start to see false patterns. In the end, a third party tool like AdAlysis can keep people on track, productive, and prevent them from forming those false patterns.

Brad Geddes was a pleasure to have on the show. These are just a few takeaways from an entire talk. It was an excellent discussion on PPC peppered with jabs to Google’s mysterious timelines and lauding of the open sharing of the PPC community.

To learn more about Geddes insight into the PPC community and AdAlysis you can listen to the entire #edgetalk episode here.