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Buyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing Firms

By Erin Sparks
July 29, 2014



Facebook is expecting to surpass the one billion user mark soon. With this in mind, think about the marketing possibilities. However, this type of attention requires using specific strategies. With the assistance of social media marketing firms, this form of advertising can play a valuable role in any business.

Think of social media marketing firms as potential employees when evaluating different companies. They should have an established list of clients. Request referrals and take the time to contact each while verifying success rates. A good firm develops strategies that encompass a wide selection of topics from strengths, weaknesses and problem areas to recommended Internet strategies and growth options. Firms should act as mentoring agents, passing on knowledge, skills and wisdom to clients. Valuable services outweigh the costs and the benefits gained may influence the beginning of a long lasting relationship.


[su_heading]MEETING THE MASSES[/su_heading]

There are various social sites that attract members for different reasons. Using these locations effectively requires social media marketing firms that understand your product or service message. If photographs better represent what your business is about use Pinterest. When wishing to convey general visual information, video marketing is more appropriate and YouTube attracts audiences for that reason. Businesses having website availability often host feature blogs, sales or other timely topics. Connect with people via Twitter to get the word out. Resist the urge to overlook online search directories. Statistics suggest that 92% of business searches occur online. Using multiple directories also expands connection potential and improves website ranking.


[su_heading]KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE[/su_heading]

Who are you trying to reach? Knowing your potential clients allows you to customize language and messages to attract followers. Develop a voice. By knowing who the business is trying to attract, develop a media strategy that relates to that particular audience. Determine what sites these people use and what type of information they want. By appealing to a specific group of people, the word eventually spreads through the effort of your viewers.


[su_heading]MONITORING THE METRICS[/su_heading]

Besides acquiring clients or customers, social media serves to encourage interactive relationships with an audience, which often later leads to a desired action. Metrics also determines the success of a specific social campaign and allows businesses to make adjustments accordingly. Metric factors important to monitor include:


  • Amount of time the desired audience spends on specific sites
  • How often people interact with your type of business
  • Number of site visitors
  • Positive or negative feedback
  • Volume of feedback
  • Rate of interaction


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