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Site Strategics New Logo!

By Site Strategics
August 3, 2016

Site Strategics has a new logo! Yes, that’s right, you heard it here, folks! The logo of old, with a target on what might have been a TV, might have been a computer, definitely wasn’t a rocket ship, will be gone, but never forgotten. Our CEO, Erin Sparks, carried that logo with him through the years and has ridden that wave of awesomeness into 2016. However, after much deliberation, many tears, and countless eaten donuts, the team at Site Strategics has come out with a new, modern, and totally wicked logo to show off to the world!

One of the most recent additions to the Site Strategics staff, Marc Ertel, woke up one night in a panic. He was sweating profusely, his heart was pounding, and he didn’t know where he was. Then it came to him, in a flash, like his life was ending. But his life wasn’t ending, it was just beginning, and it was starting with the amazing new vision of a logo for Site Strategics. Is this story true? You decide, or you can ask Marc. One thing is for certain, the blood, sweat, and tears that he poured into a new logo and branding for the future of Site Strategics could not have turned into a better piece of visual eye candy.

It was no easy feat for Erin to push past the old logo, but he is excited for the new logo, which gives a new look and feel to the company as it moves into its new office at 1317 N. Pennsylvania Ave. in Indianapolis. The rocket ship, which has been a company mascot for the past few years, signifies the way in which Site Strategics wants to carry its clients into the future of digital marketing, always moving upward. The hexagon surrounding it signifies the core competencies of the company, wrapping the rocket in the many successful methods of madness that we provide to our clients.

If you want to hear more stories on the history of our logos, our branding, or what exciting things we have planned for the future of Site Strategics, you can always call! We will be here, ready and waiting to take you for a ride in the rocket ship. We think it’s going to be a long, long time, till touch down brings us ‘round again to find we aren’t the company we were at home. Oh, no. No. No. We are the rocket men and women. Now with a new logo.