Client Onboarding, For Those Who Care A Lot

happy to serve

                  There are few times during a relationship with a prospect or client more exciting and important than during the onboarding process. There’s been buy in and commitment to work together, but so much of what lies ahead remains unknown, which is why it’s crucial to develop […]

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If Mark Twain Was a Keyword

mark twain

Reports of Keyword Death Greatly Exaggerated This is true. A new writer recently looked at the notes for a content page and questioned the short list of keyword terms I’d asked her to include. “Aren’t keywords dead?” she asked. The answer is… yes, and no. Yes, because five minutes (well, several years) ago keywords were being […]

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“Content Marketing: Feeding the Customer Journey” with Douglas Karr

Feeding the Customer Journey with Douglas Karr

“Feeding the Customer Journey” A good marketer knows to pursue opportunities when and where they are presented. That is why the Site Strategics team attended the Indy AMA lunch on June 14. DK New Media’s CEO Douglas Karr gave a great presentation titled, “Content Marketing: Feeding the Customer Journey.” Bringing his usual charismatic and conversational […]

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