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SEO is Only One Piece of the Digital Marketing Puzzle

By Nate Torvik
October 11, 2017

As an agency built on the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO), Site Strategics has long been known as one of the premier SEO agencies in Indianapolis.

Our agency has maintained  longstanding commitment to deliver white hat, tried and true methods in the SEO realm. When others were participating in black hat techniques to game the system, while making money hand over fist we continued along steadily, continuously honing our skills on the best practices from trusted sources, including the infamous Google. However, is it enough to just call up any agency anymore just asking for them to “do some SEO” and make their site “rank first on Google”? The bigger question is this – was it ever enough?

SEO Puzzle

SEO is absolutely crucial to any digital marketing plan. Why? Because it sets the foundation for future success. If you do not have a sound SEO strategy, your content may not be targeting the right, potential buyers/users,your site may not be fast enough to compete in the mobile space, or your page titles may not  demonstrate  that perfect “elevator pitch” to potential users to click on your  search result instead of your competitors. Establishing SEO as a base  will provide your other marketing efforts with a strong foundation, but it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Connecting those keywords, phrases, and content points from your website through any potential search engine marketing (SEM) campaign will help the search engines recognize your site as the result to deliver to its users, or help drive up your quality score so that you can gain placement on your competitors. That will also help set up your initial campaign, because targets will be established through that research and work on the site.

Knowing what those targets are and generating topics and ideas will drive new content creation, for static content, blogs, infographics, or even videos. In turn, those elements drive social media fodder for your audience, because they want to hear from you! They want to know what you’re doing, why you sustain authority in your field, and what kind of continued value and provide them for their continued business. Engagement, virality, and more all come together in these pursuits to create a full-fledged campaign. No one piece can deliver the same value.

So while I understand the need or desire to have someone come in and do a deep dive into the inner workings of SEO to provide great insights, tactics, and solutions to perceived problems, there is more to be done. We have long believed that SEO can be used to improve your online presence and brand awareness, but the game is much longer than that.

How have you used SEO in the past? Is there some part of your overall strategy that just feels like it’s missing? Come sit down with our team and let’s chat!


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