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Mortgage Industry Faces Web Accessibility Challenge.

By Site Strategics
June 7, 2017

An update of the Department of Justice (DOJ) ADA regulations, now to include those specific to web accessibility, will be released in 2018. Since DOJ announced this update 2010 there has been an upsurge of complaints and cases against businesses. The financial sector has not been a specific target to date, but most in the real estate and mortgage industry see what is fast approaching. Unfortunately, many industry executives seem to be ignoring the warning signs, either because they don’t really understand the accessibility issue or because they are waiting it out, hoping not to be cited. Either way, this approach may prove not to be a good strategy.

If your financial institution is cited, you stand to lose customers and your reputation for good customer service. Additionally, any resolution with the DOJ will be costly, both in lost business and in the price of litigation. 

So, what should you do? We recommend that you become proactive and work with a team like Accessibility 4.0 to perform an audit and remediation for site. Even better, let us work with you on a long-term basis to assure your website will continue to be accessible!