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Winn Dixie Lawsuit and Your Business.

By Site Strategics
July 5, 2017

The most recent accessibility ruling has some repercussions across the business spectrum. The digital business and law information site of K&L Gates HUB recently posted their take on the lawsuit and its potential impact.

The HUB insists that businesses should beware.  Although the court decision is not binding for other businesses, any business website that is public-facing should consider several issues highlighted by this case.

Every business should make having a web accessibility plan a priority. A plan at least demonstrates a desire to implement accessibility, even if your site is not yet fully compliant.

Additional issues mostly deal with links to other sites and to other vendors or business partners. If your site provides a link to another business, you should attempt to confirm if their site is accessible. Businesses should also inquire as to whether your prospective vendor or business partner complies with best practices for usability and accessibility. Additionally, your company should ensure that all contracts with vendors and partners contain protective provisions against potential web accessibility litigation. 

The last few years have seen a significant rise in corporate website accessibility litigation, so businesses need to increase their compliance effort vigilance.